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Publicly visible hassles

Below are 100 things which users of HassleMe have asked to be unpredictably reminded of. Reload the page for another 100. Warning! There may be strong language within hassles, that's just the way people are. Don't read them if that bothers you.

Go to the gym and find your happiness!!! roughly every 1 day walk for 30 minutes roughly every 1 day
get a job roughly every 1 day "If you don't change your beliefs, your life will be like this forever. Is that good news?" roughly every 25 days
Hola! This would be who you USED to be. Have you improved at all since the last time we talked? (...) Good! Now...go do it again! And write down everything you eat, say, and do today, and review on Monday before school. Find and fix your mistakes. I'll be back in a few months; make me proud! roughly every 60 days Weigh yourself roughly every 7 days
get my ass to the gym!! roughly every 5 days do some yoga and go running! roughly every 3 days
Go for a walk or bike ride today. roughly every 2 days Hug your kids! Tell them you love them. Love yourself. roughly every 7 days
"Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do." roughly every 50 days Record some freaking music you bum. roughly every 5 days
Write Papa book roughly every 1 day I’m already awesome! roughly every 1 day
Have you written anything? roughly every 8 days clean up downloads folder roughly every 25 days
write a new article roughly every 3 days spend 1 hour sewing on a quilt roughly every 5 days
Smile, no matter what. Respect yourself above everything else. roughly every 2 days Hi Danielle! This is 21-year-old Danielle. 21-year-old Danielle has high expectations and lofty goals for you. I hope you've been to Morocco (you promised Sarah Lukacher and Katie Knoll that you would by last year), completed your MFA somewhere kickass, and worked in the education department of a kickass museum. Also, you better be have lost the rest of that freshman 32 by now. And gone vegan. And live/lived somewhere un-Florida and un-ridiculously boring. I think it's reasonable to believe that you/I were able to achieve all of those things in the past 10 years. Cheerio, Danielle. P.S. Can you imagine the time philosophies that we're crossing right now? Thinking of Blake Geraci and the grandfather paradox... roughly every 3650 days
Prayer walk in the neighborhood roughly every 4 days STOP FAPPING and WORK OUT do NOT disappoint me roughly every 1 day
yoga yoga and meditate meditate meditate art art art writing writing writing and you love the garden stop kidding yourself it is a chore Stop ripping yourself off silly roughly every 2 days Get off your butt and run!!!!!! You will put on weight if you dont and you dont want to lose everything you spent a year working for! now get outside and run. you bought yourself a freakin ipod. well use it. jeez roughly every 10 days
Did you remember to feed those ugly fish? Get a job, man. roughly every 2 days Write a song/practice guitar or keyboard. Shy Castles is important!! roughly every 6 days
WORKOUT..RUN WALK, WEIGHTS, TAE BO, DANCE> JUST GET UP AND FUcKING MOVE 30 minutes a day roughly every 1 day Check the GH video page at http://www.schooltube.com/video/7a1dc56bb78871b543cf/Geheime-Mission roughly every 10 days
go to the gym roughly every 2 days Give your grandparents a call, they ask nothing in return for all their love. roughly every 21 days
DO EVERYTHING YOU SAID YOU WOULD. UPDATE BLOG! KEEP IN TOUCH WITH PEOPLE! ETC... and also just y'know don't waste another week... roughly every 5 days Make the best of it. roughly every 2 days
Live life with no regrets! BE BOLD roughly every 7 days go to the gym, drink water, eat fruit roughly every 3 days
Not suck roughly every 1 day "Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe roughly every 50 days
Come up with one business idea today! roughly every 1 day I am peaceful and enjoy everything that I do. roughly every 2 days
Clean the kitchen roughly every 7 days Put down the remote and pick up a book for an hour or so. roughly every 6 days
Remember that Satan has complete hegemony over your life. roughly every 1 day get a real life..you deserve it roughly every 4 days
Be Grateful what I do have, and Not some much on what I do Not Have...Count every blessing! roughly every 1 day Review L2d probabilities throughout month.. roughly every 30 days
Be more badass roughly every 2 days Go walking roughly every 2 days
Write Kenny a love letter. roughly every 30 days Do my homework. roughly every 4 days
CALL MOM roughly every 3 days Feed my birds roughly every 3 days
take yer CoEnzymeQ roughly every 1 day do the dishes! roughly every 2 days
40 mins on treadmill roughly every 2 days Practice compassion. roughly every 28 days
Get creative, expand your ideas :). roughly every 3 days Walk and get out of the house roughly every 3 days
go to the gym fatass! roughly every 3 days shut up roughly every 1 day
Walk the dogfor 45 minutes roughly every 2 days MAKE LOVE TO YOUR WIFE!!!! (the way you did tonight!) roughly every 2 days
allegra, remember to be happy...this is your life roughly every 13 days Check Tribal Wars roughly every 1 day
What are you doing today to get new patients, save lives and release God's abundance? roughly every 3 days Be kind to dish soap, and remember to feed the cats. roughly every 1 day
Write down! Where r u? What r u doing? How r u feeling? roughly every 2 days FUNCTION roughly every 4 days
start MBE Process for Ms Kendal roughly every 4 days Be grateful! roughly every 8 days
You actually have a life's goal. You actually KNOW what you want to do with your life. And you're only 20 years old, too. How crazy is that? The thing is, it's going to take a lot of work to accomplish. You're going to keep working at it if you ever want it. And you're going to have to promise me you'll never fucking give up. Right? Right. This message exists to remind you that even though you live by days and by weeks, ever checking off scribbles on an endless To-Do list, your real life will be measured in decades, and your decades in years. And you will be a very important, very noteworthy person sometime within those decades, recognized for things you've created. Maybe not by the world, but to someone - to your little nieces who look up to you, maybe. To your mom and dad, always. To your 10-year-old self, at the very least. But you will, because you have the talent and the knowledge. The other parts - the courage and the determination - those happen over time. Just don't pretend that this is too hard and you've tried all you could and that the Easy Life is what suits you best. Don't give me that bullshit. You know what you want to do with yourself. So spend today thinking about that - really, really hard - and tell me what is going to be your next step in accomplishing it. Spend today recalling the very point of courage and determination, and manifest it into something more than pathetic motivational letters like this one. Then, spend tomorrow however you see fit. That's it, really. Good luck. roughly every 250 days go for a run to clear your mind! roughly every 3 days
Write jaclyn and beth roughly every 14 days How can you be more present? roughly every 6 days
stay golden ! roughly every 8 days Not be an asshole. roughly every 4 days
Say something nice to my wife - gratitude, please! roughly every 2 days Exercise and go for walks outside roughly every 2 days
take time to smell the roses roughly every 10 days Prawdziwi słudzy Boga zawsze bardziej cenili przeciwno›ci, jako bardziej podobne do drogi, którą kroczył nasz Chrystus Pan, dokonując naszego zbawienia po›ród krzyża i obelg (›w. o. Pio, Epist. Iv; s. 106). roughly every 365 days
WRITE!!!!!! roughly every 3 days Stop eating meat, try eating more fruits and vegetables. GET OFF YOUR AZZ AND GO WORK OUT!!!!! roughly every 2 days
reach my goal of owning a guest house with a cabana bar on a tropical beach roughly every 3 days Paint roughly every 2 days
Kiss the Babies, tell them how much you love and cherish them! roughly every 1 day Go for a walk on the beach! roughly every 3 days
get the car serviced roughly every 60 days Go To The Gym. Text Mary. Stop thinking about him. Stop thinking about the past. Improve your life. Seriously, you may not feel like doing anything right now but you will regret this later. Your heart is fucking broken but it is not okay to just sit around and pretend nothing is happening. roughly every 50 days
Go to jog roughly every 2 days STICK TO YOUR DIET FAT ASS!!!!! roughly every 5 days
Get to the gym or do your Fit Club workout at home. No excuses. You're NOT too sore. Go and enjoy the burn and the sweat running down your back! roughly every 1 day Draw! Write! Do some art! Make a song! Express you damn self! roughly every 7 days
find a better job! roughly every 5 days Offset Carbon Emissions - Go through utility bills, check odometer, and make nice with the climate. roughly every 365 days
eat lots of fruit and vegetables, and cut out junk food little by little a day. roughly every 1 day You need to stay positive, try harder and just have a good time in everything you do. roughly every 3 days
EAT HEALTHY! FRUITS, VEGGIES, WHOLE GRAINS! NO FRIED FOODS NEEDED! roughly every 4 days Review pending folder at home and at office roughly every 45 days
wash the dog roughly every 3 days Get Healthy! roughly every 1 day

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