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It's time to hit the gym..... six-pack is better than a keg after all roughly every 4 days Study >3 hours of MCATS! roughly every 1 day
Call family roughly every 28 days DO Diamoku roughly every 1 day
Know that an ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching. roughly every 3 days eat only two snacks a day roughly every 2 days
water your extremely thirsty plants, pretty please! =] roughly every 5 days go to the gym roughly every 4 days
Apply for a new job roughly every 30 days Anarchy roughly every 6 days
water the plants roughly every 7 days be happy, your young and you have the power to change anything you don't like exercise.laugh.smile.do your work.go out.take walks.find music. make friends. dont be shyyy roughly every 3 days
smile. life is wonderful. it could be worse. everyday is a gift roughly every 3 days update my web-log! roughly every 3 days
Purge through one little area of the house. roughly every 3 days Go to the gym roughly every 4 days
LET GO. Move from scarcity thinking to prosperity thinking. Welcome success into your life. roughly every 3 days Join The Peace Corp, BRI!!!! roughly every 360 days
go to the gym roughly every 2 days send a donation to hassleme.com roughly every 3 days
GET A FUCKING JOB! roughly every 7 days Be Mindful. roughly every 1 day
Stay Relaxed. roughly every 3 days "You cannot plough a field by turning it over in your mind" roughly every 15 days
do 15 min yoga and stretching roughly every 2 days Tell her how much she means to you. roughly every 7 days
: ) roughly every 7 days go to the gym, exercise, run, be healthy roughly every 3 days
Lessons are repeated until they are learned. A lesson will be presented to you in various forms until you have learned it. When you have learned it, you can go on to the next lesson. Learning lessons does not end. There's no part of life that doesn't contain its lessons. If you're alive, that means there are still lessons to be learned roughly every 9 days Don’t worry about what others are doing better than you. Concentrate on beating your own records every day. Success is a battle between YOU and YOURSELF only. roughly every 1 day
Stop being fat! Go to the gym you fatty mcfatterson! roughly every 4 days go to the gym! And clean out the fridge of all the food you're wasting in the meantime! roughly every 3 days
RUN! Just because you're in college does not mean you're allowed to stop working out! roughly every 3 days Eat right, be healthy and remember fat feels bad! roughly every 1 day
FOLLOW UP WITH YOUR EAGLE PROJECT!!! roughly every 2 days randomly make someones day roughly every 4 days
Drink your water roughly every 1 day Be nice to your daughter, Morissa, and give her presents, Slurpees, and more presents! BTW, you're gonna receive this email every two days for the rest of your life, Hahahahaha!!!! roughly every 2 days
Drink more water. See that empty bottle? Fill it up and drink it. roughly every 2 days Cook something for Sara roughly every 7 days
Buying flowers for my wife roughly every 60 days organize your photos,CDs, books, and LPs roughly every 3 days
Stop eating Chocolate! Stop it..its freaking bad for you! Acne and then ohhh those chubby cheeks! And do some excercise you lame asshole... roughly every 1 day You better have done some yoga this morning. Stick a reminder on your phone to do it tomorrow morning. roughly every 2 days
Rape a young virgin's soul. roughly every 30 days UNI GYM MUSIC roughly every 3 days
Clean the lint from your bellybutton, take the garbage out that has accumulated for the last 30 days, kick the cat, shout out the name of your first girlfriend when the alarm clock wakes you up, call up your mother-in-law and tell her how useless she is in five languages that she doesn't know and then ask her how she is.... roughly every 30 days CRAConcentrationRealizationAcculazation roughly every 1 day
I sweat and breathe awesome roughly every 1 day dont fuck up! roughly every 2 days
think before you speak. roughly every 2 days try more things and be confident i can be great if i stick to it and have confidence don't let people put you down not 4 anything i am wat i am and i am greatness in the making. just go 4 it take a chance and don't be scared of failure. say i can do it , i can have the best life available... roughly every 5 days
Go for your walk, or else! roughly every 3 days go running roughly every 2 days
call your mother roughly every 25 days Go to the gym!! roughly every 4 days
do something productive dammmmmit! roughly every 2 days Wax the car roughly every 90 days
read the bible, pray, work out, and do your homework! roughly every 3 days write something good roughly every 2 days
Change your oil! roughly every 30 days Exercise and go for walks outside roughly every 2 days
No more fruit after noon roughly every 1 day walk on my treadmill roughly every 1 day
LOSE WIEGHT FATSO. roughly every 2 days SMILE!!! roughly every 912 days
take a walk, get some exercise, take your vitamins roughly every 3 days It works if you work it, so work it you're worth it:)))) Stay healthy and fit! roughly every 3 days
feed the turtle. or she will eat you. roughly every 2 days EAT HEALTHY roughly every 1 day
Umocnij ducha i nie lękaj się tej ponurej w›ciekło›ci Lucyfera. Zapamiętaj raz na zawsze, że jest to dobry znak, gdy wróg hałasuje i ryczy wokół twej woli, ponieważ okazuje jasno, że nie znajduje się w Środku niej. Odwagi, moja umiłowana córko! Wymawiam te słowa z wielkim uczuciem i - w Panu Jezusie -krocz odważnie. Mówię, że nie trzeba się bać, jak długo możemy stanowczo, choć bez emocji wołać: Niech żyje Jezus! (›w. o. Pio, Epist. III, s. 410) roughly every 365 days group administrators guide work and newsletters roughly every 5 days
Stop pissing around and sort out your life. roughly every 5 days Update your daily journal! roughly every 4 days
go to the gym don't eat to much stop being a fat ass roughly every 1 day Be nicer to people. Be a better bride to be. Do sit ups, 20 minute elliptical workout & ukulele lessons. Jumping Jacks....for gos sake, do some damn jumping jacks. roughly every 2 days
Go to the library and read a book! roughly every 10 days Clean the litterboxes roughly every 2 days
Write up my lecture notes roughly every 4 days Call or email Grandma Cheri roughly every 20 days
Practice Piano!! roughly every 3 days Are you really happy? roughly every 20 days
Go Jogging Do Divorce Shit CAL STATE WORK DON'T SMOKE VEGETABLES NO SUGAR TODAY roughly every 3 days Update Food Journal roughly every 4 days
take your vitamins...and drink more water! roughly every 2 days call dad roughly every 5 days
Get a haircut roughly every 28 days drink more water get math assigments done roughly every 1 day
Don't loose sight of the rabbit - your love for Claire, and how that's intertwined with your life roughly every 14 days Take ten pictures from any of these: - Textures - Plants & Animals - People - Foods - Water roughly every 4 days
Hey you! It's the 23 year old you. Do you remember being 23? You were freaking out about be 24 this month and now look at where you're at...33?! Eesh, you must be PISSED. Anyway, I just wanted to check in on you. Make sure you're staying on track...living life. You know the good stuff. Unless you're dead. And in that case, you'll never get this letter from the 23 year old you. Oh gosh, did I just say that?! Ok, so we'll be optimistic and say you didn't die and that you DO get this e-mail. Now that that is out of the way, how's it going? Not sure why I'm asking you a question seeing you can't really talk to me anymore, but nonetheless, I am curious. Hopefully when you read this you'll be able to say "I'm good. Doing great. Never been better." Hopefully when you read this you'll have gotten your MS in Instructional Design & Technology. 23 year old you is in the process of applying for the program at UT. I think you’re a shoe-in for the program, but it would have been up to you to keep up with your studies and be successful in it. Your dad mentioned that you could probably work with Lockheed Martin with the degree you get. Are you working there now? Oh, how’s your love life. It was kind of crappy the last few months. You were dating ‘W’ but you broke that off. Weren’t getting what you wanted. Was really crappy because ‘W’ was being manipulative. Hopefully you didn’t go back because ‘W’ will never really be able to give you what you want. If you are with ‘W,’ this is really awkward. But, you were deadest on your decision when you broke it off and when the shit hit the fan, soo…maybe you stuck with it? You started seeing ‘N.’ AMAZEBALLS. Seriously. Amazing. You were so impressed with ‘N.’ ‘N’ would do ANYTHING for you. So super totally sweet. Possibly, ‘the one.’ Well, is ‘N’ still the one?! Are you still with ‘em?! Hoping for a YES. If it’s a NO, ouch..sucks. Something must’ve gone HORRIBLY wrong. I’m telling you…this one was a keeper. Just reflect on it and you’ll see. What adventures have you gone on? You have a horrible memory so hopefully you started writing them down. Have you performed? It was your passion. For YEARS. You kind of stopped doing it so you could make a paycheck. Understandable seeing that those student loans were raping you in the asshole. Are you still being raped by them? Here’s to hoping they’re paid off. REALLY hoping they’re paid off. Oh, do you remember trying to buy a new car at the 23 year old you? You really wanted to. Did you end up getting a Toyota Corolla or a Honda Accord?! Those were the two you wanted. Maybe the you now has a fancy schmancy car! Oh, you also just chopped off all your hair. Basically 11 inches. Everyone talks about your hair all the time. What’s it like now? Short? Long? Are you a mom?! Omgosh! All you could think about was getting married and being a mom! Well, are you?! Say yes, say yes, say yes. If you are a mom did you think your babies looked like an alien at first? You always say that babies are ugly and look like aliens. “No such thing as a cute baby.” It was your mantra (motto?!). Ok, so 23 year old you has run out of questions. Basically, here’s to hoping your life has and is still becoming everything you’ve wanted it to be. You’re a great person. Despite what others tell you, so never give up on YOU. You’re worth living for. roughly every 3650 days Foot WASH and Foot Massage Today roughly every 1 day
Don't be like her. You hate her for it. roughly every 2 days go to the art museum roughly every 20 days
Clean house fans roughly every 28 days Write, write, WRITE!!!!! roughly every 2 days
brush my teeth, wash my hands and have a shower, and go on the treadmill roughly every 1 day GET TO THE GYM! EAT RIGHT! roughly every 1 day
Exercise at least every 2nd day Call Home at least once a week Tidy house every week Write book at least once a week roughly every 2 days Buy flowers or something roughly every 14 days