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take a deep breath and remember it's ok. roughly every 10 days drink water! for the love of God and all that is holy, drink water! <3 six to eight glasses a day WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE roughly every 3 days
GO TO THE CINEMA roughly every 25 days No one can make you feel inferior without your consent. roughly every 5 days
go to the gym, lose 3lbs roughly every 2 days Burn 400 calories roughly every 3 days
Figure drawing. roughly every 21 days Be annoying in the morning - make lots of cups of gay tea & do that thing to my ear as often as possible. roughly every 2 days
Go to the Gym Eat Healthy Practice my Chinese Practice my Japanese HOMEWORK roughly every 1 day Breath FREE roughly every 2 days
stop dipping roughly every 10 days quit smoking, please. roughly every 4 days
What fifteen things are you thankful for today? roughly every 7 days Post a blog entry online roughly every 3 days
Check and see if there are enough ripe avocados in the Fridge. roughly every 7 days Remember that you are a good person a heart, and although sometimes things are not the best they can be, things will always get better. Believe in yourself. You can do it and you can get through it. Stay strong. Don't take everything people say so negatively. They don't even know that it could hurt you. Sometimes people don't think. So just keep on living. Be strong. roughly every 10 days
Style doesn't matter, Pick something and Drill every day - make instincts roughly every 1 day Do something mind expanding and productive with alex. Read eachother stories, write things we enjoy about eachother, play eachother a song, take walk together, cook dinner together, dance with eachother. roughly every 3 days
Tell the kids you love them and play with them. Remember the dollar and cats and the cradle roughly every 4 days Go to the gym!!!!! roughly every 2 days
GO TO THE GYM OR AT LEAST GO FOR A RUN...YOUR STARTING TO LOOK HORRENDOUS GET......GET GET A FUCKING GRIP ... FATTIE !!!!...no excuses any more cuz its just me and you reading this...please Dave....believe in yourself ... roughly every 3 days PRACTICE FIVE HOURS TODAY!! roughly every 2 days
stop smoking roughly every 1 day Do something nice for Jenni! roughly every 90 days
Exercise, you lazy fatass. roughly every 1 day go to the gym roughly every 3 days
Show Caryn you love her. roughly every 10 days fix and article of clothing, finish a stitching project, work on the shawl, something. We're talking textiles, now. roughly every 42 days
WAKE UP! roughly every 7 days WORK OUT you lazy bastard. roughly every 2 days
call my mother roughly every 6 days organize your bookmarks! organize your documents! roughly every 10 days
work out roughly every 1 day find what you love..love what you find. roughly every 17 days
Work harder and study more so i can make the honor role. And be nicer to my mother. roughly every 3 days DO NOT TOUCH THE WINE!!!! roughly every 2 days
Don't give up! roughly every 1 day go to the gym, move more, take the dog for a walk, go hiking you computer sluggo :D roughly every 2 days
MPSEB BILL OFFICE roughly every 4 days Stay on your diet and exercise program, you pudgy ol' thing! roughly every 7 days
Be freaking awesome. And watch wrestling. Stop getting angry easily. And keeping your mouth shut is one of the most important things on earth! roughly every 4 days water plant, it's gonna die and then then mom will be so disappointed... roughly every 3 days
Write roughly every 2 days Change the cat litter roughly every 15 days
Exercise and stop smoking roughly every 10 days get the hell on the treadmill roughly every 2 days
La vie est belle. Tu n'en es pas convaincu ? Va voir http://blog.neamar.fr/component/content/article/14-reflexions/378-liens-pour-internaute-en-recherche-dinspiration roughly every 200 days stop sneak eating roughly every 1 day
Clean the bathroom. roughly every 7 days Work on your sketchbook! Draw something! roughly every 3 days
stretch - it's good for you roughly every 3 days SAVE MONEY roughly every 18 days
Dude. Do something. Fail if you must but do something! However, if you fail then learn from it. You know lots of things you could be doing. So what's at the top of the list? Do that. Not everything else. Just that one thing. Do it.Now do it, not later, NOW! You'll be glad you did. roughly every 1 day go to the gym! roughly every 4 days
Set aside 60 minutes a day to free write and 60 minutes a day to fun read. roughly every 3 days Go to the gym! Be She-Ra! Tone that butt! roughly every 1 day
Think about what you have done or can do to live healthier and achieve a healthy weight. To live long, be strong! roughly every 2 days STOP FAPPING and WORK OUT do NOT disappoint me roughly every 1 day
Pagar prestação da casa roughly every 5 days please update and run spybot. roughly every 4 days
exercise! roughly every 3 days Do your Schoolwork!! Make sure you have the work in on the due dates. Read -read- read!! roughly every 2 days
Clean out the gagrage roughly every 2 days be different outgoing and just go with it. dont question the here and now. if you are invited to go do something late at night and you have work. do it anyway. you never know what might happen. roughly every 3 days
exercise roughly every 1 day PT PT PT!!!!! roughly every 3 days
Look for a job!!! roughly every 1 day Hi John, I want you to achieve your goals, and to this end you must work towards 1. cleaning out the garage 2. clean out the dogs room 3. be nice to people 4. lose weight 5. cycle in to work 6. ignore all the idiots 7. save some money roughly every 1 day
"Keep steadily before you the fact that all true success depends at last upon yourself." Theodore T. Hunger roughly every 60 days GO PEE, YA' DUMBASS!! roughly every 30 days
Go to the gym roughly every 7 days Eat healthier, more fruit and veggies, be kinder to those around me. roughly every 2 days
Smile. Breathe. Relax. Everything is going to be okay. roughly every 5 days ARE YOU STILL SMOKING?........GOD DAMNIT GIVE IT UP ALREADY!!! roughly every 2 days
do your homework man roughly every 1 day Hover the bedrooms. roughly every 18 days
SAVE SOME MONEY DUMBASS! roughly every 14 days quit biting your nails, or the tips of your fingers will continue to look like they've been through the garbage disposal! ew. also, i love you. roughly every 10 days
Drink More Water roughly every 1 day think before you speak. roughly every 2 days
Deposit my paycheck roughly every 7 days Clean the litter box you lazy bitch. roughly every 3 days
Live! Nature alws wns! roughly every 3 days Don't eat sugar. Make your own meals. Go to sleep early roughly every 3 days
Lift weights and do 20 mins cardio roughly every 1 day 1 go to gym 2 about fruit 3 go for walking 4 about food roughly every 2 days
FLVS roughly every 1 day FEED YOUR SOUL. roughly every 19 days
put flea ointment on those poor cats roughly every 30 days wake up before 3 pm, and eat something roughly every 2 days
exercise you fat ass!!! roughly every 2 days You still need to find housing for next year!!! roughly every 2 days
start writing now roughly every 4 days Work out if you want to stay sexy, you always put it off then complain because you didn't work out..If not for yourself, for that sexy girl you like roughly every 1 day
work out, lard ass!! roughly every 2 days work out now!! according to which day # it is in notes.. roughly every 1 day
STOP EATING SO MUCH DAMN JUNK FOOD, oh and work out please :) roughly every 3 days enjoy your life, it wont last forever. live in the moment and stop to savor the feeling of happiness, love and passion. & love yourself!! roughly every 5 days
Get up off your ass and become someone. Honour and courage roughly every 1 day WORK OUT roughly every 4 days