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Publicly visible hassles

Below are 100 things which users of HassleMe have asked to be unpredictably reminded of. Reload the page for another 100. Warning! There may be strong language within hassles, that's just the way people are. Don't read them if that bothers you.

Work Out!, Read Nutrition Book, complete medical terminology course. roughly every 3 days think about what i say and not be careless,think about her often. roughly every 1 day
Be nice to your daughter, Morissa, and give her presents, Slurpees, and more presents! BTW, you're gonna receive this email every two days for the rest of your life, Hahahahaha!!!! roughly every 2 days 30 minutes every day... EVERY DAY. Exercise is the only thing that is going to keep you alive. roughly every 1 day
Thank God for all my blessings. roughly every 2 days To call my mother. She's more than just a ride home ya'know. roughly every 7 days
do crunchies roughly every 2 days Write for 10 minutes each day! roughly every 90 days
Drink more water! roughly every 2 days Hey John: Take a break and go read ~ breathe, walk, focus on something colorful in your life!! Practice random kindness... roughly every 5 days
Go for a walk tonight! roughly every 3 days Take your medicine! roughly every 1 day
Go for a walk tonight! roughly every 3 days Do some exercise!!! roughly every 4 days
I kick ass! roughly every 1 day Don't give up! You can do it! Your almost there : ) roughly every 235 days
Set up some lunch appointments! roughly every 14 days do my laundry roughly every 6 days
X10 login roughly every 25 days HASSSLE. how is you man? :) disappointed if your single. roughly every 2920 days
apply for scholarships!!! roughly every 4 days comment on my livejournal friend's list. roughly every 3 days
Idź pobiegać! roughly every 1 day take an hour of me time roughly every 7 days
Work harder, get some exercise , eat healthy, draw a picture, sing and dance. Smile. you're beautiful and talented and brilliant! You're gonna go somewhere , remember that. Dont panic, Breathe, everything is going to be okay. Love, even though its difficult. Be kind. Don't let others bring you down or tell you what you can't do. They're limited to their mind set. You're not. You're infinate. Love, Aria ( thats you, dear. Don't let anyone take that away from you) roughly every 7 days do the cat's toenails! roughly every 14 days
work out :) need to be in shape for summer! roughly every 10 days Take your vitamins Do your exercise & Take shower TX ODOT & Do Taxes Pay Bills Do some housework Get ready for garage sale roughly every 1 day
Work out roughly every 1 day Think positive! Don't let other people get you down. Remember: You are worth something. roughly every 7 days
Be happy! Work out! Love life and live it! You are the best! roughly every 7 days Be thankful & happy! roughly every 3 days
eat healthy! roughly every 3 days Wash all light fittings roughly every 70 days
do some crunches! roughly every 3 days "ARE YOU WEAK OR ARE YOU A WARRIOR SHANNON?" You have time so use it beneficially, life is short and you have so much potential! -go to boxing -hit the gym -don't eat shit, fruits veggies, dairy, and meat until your full. treat yourself every once in a while! don't let the munchies get the best of you, you strong girl you. roughly every 2 days
YOGA TIME roughly every 2 days do a drawing! otherwise you'll be rubbish. roughly every 2 days
Clean the house! roughly every 2 days Niech cię nie przerażają pokusy! One są tylko próbą dla duszy, którą Bóg chce sprawdzić, kiedy widzi w niej siły potrzebne do prowadzenia walki, aby nałożyć jej własnymi rękami wieniec zwycięstwa. Dotychczas twe życie było życiem dziecka. Teraz Pan chce cię traktować jak osobę dorosłą. A ponieważ próby życia dojrzałego są o wiele większe niż życia dziecięcego, oto przyczyna, dla której na początku czujesz się zagubiona. A jednak dusza odzyska spokój i ty odzyskasz swój pokój nie przyjdzie on za późno! Miej jeszcze nieco cierpliwo›ci. Wszystko dobrze się ułoży dla ciebie (Epist. III, s. 626). roughly every 365 days
brush my corn teeth roughly every 3 days clean the bathroom roughly every 5 days
Write in my journal roughly every 2 days get a haircut roughly every 60 days
call the aunts & cousins... roughly every 7 days Go for a Run (at least 3 miles) roughly every 2 days
Hahaha, I bet you forgot all about this! I hope you are enjoying life and are where you wanted to be. roughly every 500 days focus on things outside myself roughly every 7 days
REMEMBER YOUR FIRST AIM IS TO ! roughly every 3 days Take a deep breathe and relax! Enjoy the moment! roughly every 1 day
Read a couple of pages of a vb book. roughly every 1 day Eat healthy roughly every 37 days
STOP DRINKING & STUDY! roughly every 5 days Do one thing today to obsolete yourself roughly every 4 days
go to an osteopath roughly every 1 day WORK OUT AND EAT RIGHT roughly every 3 days
Work to finish 3 planned items daily! roughly every 3 days study, bitch, though I know you won't. roughly every 5 days
call mom roughly every 7 days LOOK UP NEW BANDS AND SONGS! roughly every 2 days
watch your diet roughly every 3 days do some sort of exersize!!!! roughly every 2 days
Work at least one hour on our projects roughly every 1 day exercise! exercise! exercise! LOSE SOME DAMN WEIGHT! roughly every 1 day
GO WORK OUT!!! THEN READ A BOOK!!! THEN WRITE 1 PAGE!!! roughly every 1 day Go to the gym and read!!!!! roughly every 1 day
lookup nearby dentists, call them, set up cleaning appointment. roughly every 7 days drink water, eat produce roughly every 3 days
clean the litter box roughly every 1 day swim! roughly every 2 days
get off my lazy ass and spend some time with my family roughly every 3 days CALL MUM roughly every 2 days
express yourself! roughly every 24 days Walk the dog, go for a bike ride or play the Black Eyed Peas Experience!!! DO something to better your life! You don't want to end up obese!! You know you're better!! You can do it! Think how better you'll feel afterwards!! :) roughly every 1 day
Get off your fat ass and run. You're not going to find a man with thighs like that and you're SO close to the flat stomach you want. Stop being a lazy bitch and run dammit! roughly every 6 days Although we are busy, we will achieve our goals. If we get overwhelmed, we will take a brief break to clear our heads and not beat ourselves up about being human. We will not succumb to distractions or fib to ourselves about what we intend to do, nor will we sabotage ourselves through negative self talk or unrealistic expectations. We WILL accomplish our goals, small step by small step. roughly every 6 days
fix and article of clothing, finish a stitching project, work on the shawl, something. We're talking textiles, now. roughly every 42 days Think about learning a little bit about ScriptWriting today. See, also: http://www.scriptfrenzy.org/ roughly every 22 days
Show gratitude to someone special. roughly every 3 days exercise, clean house roughly every 1 day
OLÁ MALUCA roughly every 1 day Do something spontaneous, unexpected, maybe a little frightening, something new! roughly every 5 days
Thank God and meditate roughly every 1 day Think about how much you love Cathy, Katee, & Mary and how much they need you. Take care of yourself. Be the man that God desires you to be, and that they need you to be. roughly every 3 days
Get off the computer and go outside you douchebag roughly every 3 days Go to the gym and lose that ugly weight your gaining roughly every 3 days
Write roughly every 2 days go gym or go surfing roughly every 2 days
call your mother roughly every 25 days Run roughly every 2 days
Keep in touch with friends and family roughly every 10 days take your damn vitamin!! :) roughly every 1 day
Go for a run! roughly every 3 days have you straightened the front room yet? roughly every 2 days
Stop wasting your time and do something creative. Play guitar, write a poem, fill a page with drawings. Go for a climb, learn a new skate trick. Do something that you will remember. Take some pictures. roughly every 3 days Talk to Mowat roughly every 2 days
pee on the dog or let the dog pee on you roughly every 1 day Amber, you want to look like a you that you can be proud of. You want to be back where you were when you met Roger. Size 8-9 & 150lbs was the best you've looked. Stick with this. Prove to you that you can do what you set your mind to. You will hit times that it's taking forever to notice a difference but stay the course. What took you a year to gain will likely take that long to loose. With help, it may be sooner. roughly every 2 days
Dusza chrze›cijańska niech nie dopu›ci do tego, by nawet jeden dzień przeminął bez rozważania męki Jezusa Chrystusa (›w. o. Pio, OP). roughly every 365 days "Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy." roughly every 30 days

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