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Below are 100 things which users of HassleMe have asked to be unpredictably reminded of. Reload the page for another 100. Warning! There may be strong language within hassles, that's just the way people are. Don't read them if that bothers you.

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get healthy and work out everyday! roughly every 10 days Clean up storage area and do something about getting out of Public Storage! roughly every 3 days
write an article roughly every 10 days Go to the gym. roughly every 4 days
Exercise or be active roughly every 2 days eat only two snacks a day roughly every 2 days
What are you grateful for today? 5 deep breaths... roughly every 1 day exercise! roughly every 1 day
Get your butt to the gym! Love, Your soon-to-be incredibly kickin' body roughly every 1 day eat your veggies! roughly every 5 days
Post in your blog! roughly every 3 days do something with my brothers, or schedule a non-negotiable time together...be a mentor for them roughly every 10 days
diet and exercise roughly every 1 day Surround yourself with beautiful things. Get rid of anything in your home that offends you. Tidy a space or clear out an area. If there's still picture frames without pictures, do it now! roughly every 100 days
smoke some drugs, shave your pubes, and tell your girlfriend you love her! roughly every 3 days Don't think too much. Bob really was right babe, every little thing is going to be alright. Hang in there beautiful. You're going to do amazing things kid, I just know it. Stay fearless and stay you, you awesome motherfucker. Always laugh until you snort and love until it hurts. Never forget to live your life freely and smile truly. You're one wonderfully fantastic human being; do not ever let anyone tell you otherwise. Now go eat a bagel bitch. roughly every 30 days
Minimize distractions first rather than trying to resist them later, which usually doesn't work. Fighting! roughly every 7 days EAT HEALTHY and BE HAPPY SMILE roughly every 8 days
GET TO THE GYM!!! TODAY!! Lots of Love, your pink bikini!! roughly every 2 days Floss! roughly every 3 days
Clean your room!!! roughly every 5 days grow some balls roughly every 1 day
Stop procrastinating. roughly every 2 days get a job and exercise. roughly every 2 days
Go to the gym roughly every 2 days Clean Your Dryer Vent at Ashland Condo once every year. Its a fire hazard thing. Call Dennis @ (617) 480-4380 from http://www.usaaircareduct.com/ roughly every 365 days
call the aunts & cousins... roughly every 7 days go to the gym, eat better, study, not go on facebook so much, declare my major roughly every 5 days
eat whole unprocessed food~ take care of your self, your mind, your body, your soul. i love you*~ roughly every 21 days GO TO THE TIOLET! roughly every 1 day
Find a job and/or take a walk, you lazy computer addict! roughly every 1 day do some crunches! roughly every 3 days
Ass & Titties !!! roughly every 4 days RUN roughly every 1 day
go to the gym! roughly every 2 days work out fatass roughly every 3 days
not be an un u chav roughly every 1 day Not take it out on family! roughly every 14 days
explode a chicken every friday, eat a pork fat popsickle and listen to Wilford Grimly dammit!!! roughly every 6 days call my friends roughly every 14 days
Be positive and believe in yourself! Be patient and love your family. And yourself. It will all be ok. roughly every 7 days Love my girlfriend roughly every 2 days
make sure all of my bills are paid roughly every 2 days Record some freaking music you bum. roughly every 5 days
Pray regularly..keep fit & Exercise roughly every 2 days do something unexpected for meg roughly every 14 days
"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit." roughly every 60 days Stop being lazy and go running roughly every 3 days
GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASS, DON'T EAT LIKE A PIG, AND SMILE :) roughly every 1 day GET YOUR FAT ASS TO THE GYM! roughly every 1 day
Do dancing stretches, idiot. You will never accomplish your dream if you sit around all day. roughly every 2 days Write and entry in my LiveJournal (such is my busy life)! roughly every 3 days
Journal, write, work on your book!!!!!!!!!! roughly every 1 day go to Gentle Fit on Wednesdays and Fridays! Without fail! roughly every 3 days
be a selfish cunt roughly every 9 days Wake the fuck up you piece of shit. stop acting like a fucking nigger and reading these emails to reminds yourself of how stupid you are roughly every 1 day
study for the bio test on monday roughly every 1 day Eat healthy/Work hard/Workout Harder roughly every 30 days
"Discipline is remembering what you want!" roughly every 30 days Go to the Gym roughly every 3 days
Have fun dude. You're getting two weeks older. roughly every 14 days Stay foucse on your diet and businss roughly every 2 days
Take a breath. Be here now. roughly every 1 day Study for CAP test roughly every 3 days
Remeber: ehe weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. roughly every 2 days Hey there, 17 year old you again, speaking from HassleMe. How was your junior year of college? Excited for senior year finally? How was that One Direction concert way back in July 2013? Did you meet the boys this time? Did they tell you you were lovely? Was it all you wanted and more? Are you going to any other One Direction concerts in the future? Are they planning anything new soon? Do you even still like them? Do you have a boyfriend yet? Are you in love? Have you moved into your own apartment? What's college like? Hope you're doing well xx roughly every 1095 days
STOP FAPPING and WORK OUT do NOT disappoint me roughly every 1 day Clean the lint from your bellybutton, take the garbage out that has accumulated for the last 30 days, kick the cat, shout out the name of your first girlfriend when the alarm clock wakes you up, call up your mother-in-law and tell her how useless she is in five languages that she doesn't know and then ask her how she is.... roughly every 30 days
Spend time with God today....read my Bible and pray. roughly every 1 day Got out of the Office and go get some singed contracts. roughly every 2 days
Today is December 15, 2009. I'm your 24-year-old self, and you're almost 30. Is your ass in gear? Have you been living up to your potential? If not, what the hell are you doing just sitting there? You better have your masters' degree and plans for your PhD. No, it sure as hell isn't a lofty goal. You're almost 30, and when you were 15 you believed you'd have completed your PhD by then. You MUST have stopped smoking by now. Are you exercising? Eating right? You only live once, make sure you're hot while living it. No, 30 isn't too old. You still have more than half your life left. Give your parents a call! The purpose of life is a life of purpose. I love you. -R roughly every 1825 days Do your homework! roughly every 3 days
Prepare for the seminar and stop freaking procrastinating for cryin out loud... roughly every 2 days It is time again to spend one full day outside the office to organize, plan, schedule, read and research. Enjoy! roughly every 30 days
Work Out roughly every 2 days GO TO THE TIOLET! roughly every 1 day
Write that senior essay!! roughly every 3 days Work Out roughly every 3 days
Do a random act of kindness. roughly every 1 day Do my homework and study!! roughly every 3 days
WORK OUT roughly every 3 days Check your gmail account! roughly every 1 day
get going on your music career before you end up a soccer mom. roughly every 10 days find record bar photo roughly every 7 days
Work out and eat right roughly every 5 days Do an observation. roughly every 7 days
meditate roughly every 3 days You have a recital! And a concerto! And the met competition! And two operas! And four operettas! Learn that shit motherfucker! roughly every 3 days
make something roughly every 1 day Stick to my diet!!! roughly every 1 day
do 30 pushups roughly every 2 days run around with your underwear on your head and then moon your father. do it! roughly every 10 days
Go to the Gym roughly every 4 days You're SMOKE-FREE now. Be strong and keep going! GOOD ON YOU! roughly every 1 day
kendine gel! roughly every 7 days love yourself. you're beautiful. roughly every 7 days
Eat more fruits and vegetables. roughly every 3 days excersize roughly every 6 days
WORK OUT YOU LAZY BITCH!!! roughly every 2 days Take Apollo to Sailor Bar!!! roughly every 2 days