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Below are 100 things which users of HassleMe have asked to be unpredictably reminded of. Reload the page for another 100. Warning! There may be strong language within hassles, that's just the way people are. Don't read them if that bothers you.

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eat right roughly every 1 day C'mon - ten ,minute workout? Do you want to live to see your grandchildren? roughly every 2 days
Make sure you are following the Elliot Hulse diet. roughly every 1 day "The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time." Bertrand Russell roughly every 19 days
Smile, Appreciate what you have, Work hard, Achieve something every day, The glass is ALWAYS half full, Eat 5+ fruit and vege a day, Don't eat take-aways more than once a week, exercise BE HAPPY!!! roughly every 14 days STOP - Take a deep breath or three! Smile! roughly every 2 days
watch ehat i am eating and get up and go to the gym. roughly every 1 day 1. Call mother/father 2. Thank my Grand father 3. Thank God for giving such a life 4. Pray to God for the wellbeing of everyone. roughly every 1 day
Clean the litter box you lazy bitch. roughly every 3 days "You cannot plough a field by turning it over in your mind" roughly every 15 days
Make your forum posts! roughly every 1 day Did you exercise today? You need a healthy body to enjoy a healthy life! Get to it!!! roughly every 2 days
Spend 5 hours doing something for mySociety roughly every 28 days determine what the most important piece of work is right now. roughly every 21 days
Breathe easy, everything will be fine. roughly every 12 days are you doing your homework? did you get your grades up? blah blah blah if i cant help you idk who can roughly every 4 days
write a new article roughly every 3 days never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has roughly every 40 days
Be the best I can be! roughly every 5 days Dear almost eighteen year old Mallory, Hello, this is almost seventeen year old Mallory, your fat ass was sitting right here one year ago today (unless this is a leap year, you never did understand how those things work...). Thanks to your lovely older brother, you found this website (he showed you stumbleupon, you stumbled to HassleMe...yep.). Do you remember when you were studying for SAT's with Paula and texted Tyler telling him to turn his music down, and you wouldn't talk to each other for two weeks? Has your relationship with him improved? I hope so. You love him, remember? Well anyway, I saw that a few people on this website have written letters to their future selves, and I thought it sounded like a cool idea. So congratulations, you're almost 18. I bet you're excited. I wonder what kind of car you have, and a job. Do you have a job? Do you have a car? I hope so, I'm excited for you. I wonder if you still want to be a chemical dependency therapist, or a defense attorney. HAVE YOU FINISHED HELTER SKELTER YET?!?! It wouldn't surprise me if you haven't. Silly us. I hope your trip to Europe went amazingly. I hope you still remember it clearly even though you went months and months ago. How was Gerbear? He alright? Didn't collapse in Switzerland? :) I wish I could make paragraphs here so this would seem more organized, I'm sorry. I wonder what song you're obsessed with right now. All day today I've had Airplanes on repeat. Do you remember this song? You know, by B.O.B with Eminem and Hayley Williams. Go listen to it and have a flashback, you love doing shit like that. Are you still friends with Dan the taxidermist? Cool dude. Are you still obsessed with Austin? I desperately hope not. If you are, I'm disappointed in you. If you've moved on, congratulations, really. Good job. Is your hair still red? You used to love your red hair. Remember how sad you were when Sherry cut it a little too short? Has it grown out yet? :) Wow, you're almost done with high school. There's probably like, what, 15 days left? I wonder what college you're going to. UNT? I hope so, maybe my dreams will change. Oh, and how did that road trip with daddy go? I hope you're still close with him. And holy crap, Alexa's four now. She's probably still a little brat :) How's Alli? Are you two even still friends? I haven't talked to her very much lately, I hope our friendship doesn't die. Do me a favor, in the event that you two aren't friends anymore, call her, text her, facebook her, doesn't matter, really. Just let her know that a year ago today, you were thinking about her. And you still care about her. Deep down, you know you do. She was your best friend. I hope you still have the same e-mail address as you do now. Oh wait, as you did a year ago. By the way, are you still a fat ass? I hope not. I hope that yours and April's idea of working out together at the Y actually happened, and I hope you feel a lot better about yourself now than you did a year ago. Are you still friends with April? She's an awesome friend, don't let her go. Remember when you were sitting in Panera with her laughing and talking about everything? I did that yesterday, you did it 366 days ago. But back to what I was saying, I really hope you're happier with yourself now. I hope you're wearing the jeans that were in the back of your closet a year ago because they didn't fit. I hope you have a boyfriend, hmmm. I wonder who it would even be. Knowing us, you're probably still single. But maybe that's just me. I wonder if you and me are completely different people. Are you still friends with Zach? Because right now, it feels like he's all you've got. He makes you smile. I hope you two are still close. And did you ever end up making out? Hahahaha. If not, remind him, he'll laugh. By the way, I hope you haven't forgotten about Cal. I know you won't, but I want you to make sure you'll always remember him. What about Melanie? It's been two weeks since I've talked to her, I hope you didn't let your friendship with her weaken. Talk to her right now. You probably miss her. How many tattoos does she have now? Oh god, she probably has hundreds by now hahaha. Two weeks ago I went with her to get that N64 tattoo. Has her mom seen it yet? Haha. Good times. "Where are you going?" "Yeah bye." <3 Well, I suppose I should wrap this up because it's insanely long. OMG, do you still say savage? I hope so. Well yeah, good luck in all that you do, I hope by now you've gotten things straightened out, have an AMAZING life in college, you're going so soon. Go to the castle park on Lake road, the nice one. Be a kid, you're probably so scared of growing up but remember, everything will be okay. I love you. You're everything I'm not. (hopefully.) Love, you, one year ago. roughly every 365 days
Never give up nigga!!!! roughly every 31 days Papaya salad! roughly every 20 days
Abe shahyana aabhyas kar gandu shameless sala roughly every 4 days You need to get out more. roughly every 3 days
WRITE!!!!!! roughly every 3 days Take a deep breath and know this too will pass... roughly every 2 days
Email Meme! roughly every 3 days Meditate roughly every 2 days
stop checking your email like a slacker a do something worthwhile. roughly every 1 day WORK OUT!!!! STUDY FOR NURSING CLASS!!!!! GET YOUR ASS OFF THE COMPUTER AND GO DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE!! roughly every 2 days
Do the ironing! roughly every 7 days check my calendar roughly every 2 days
go to the gym roughly every 2 days Blog something roughly every 6 days
workout!!!! That beer belly isnt ginna disapear on its own! So work it, work it! roughly every 2 days Go for a walk :) roughly every 5 days
read the bible, pray, work out, and do your homework! roughly every 3 days cheer up wonder J's! wag susuko sa life! :) roughly every 1 day
Clean out car roughly every 7 days CALL MOMMO AND PAPPY and PACK SWIM BAG roughly every 2 days
buy something nice for Mum roughly every 70 days Be an amateur detective roughly every 14 days
go for a run, because you're training for a marathon, aren't you? roughly every 7 days smile ,laugh ,and just enjoy life roughly every 5 days
SCHOOL roughly every 2 days To lose weight. roughly every 1 day
call grammy! roughly every 2 days clean the bathroom roughly every 20 days
Clean your room roughly every 7 days go to the gym roughly every 7 days
Love pookie always and forever! roughly every 7 days Exercise, whether it be sit-ups, jog, sex ... whatever roughly every 2 days
Not procrastinate roughly every 2 days keep dreaming, never give up your dream, your final goals just because of a bad day! roughly every 7 days
don't stay in one spot roughly every 5 days go to the gym you lazy lump roughly every 1 day
Go get a facial! roughly every 60 days Tu es jetzt, nicht später! Do it now, not later! roughly every 1 day
make a dentist appointment roughly every 2 days schedule your papsmear!! roughly every 12 days
Wake up Early!! roughly every 3 days Love your Mems! roughly every 2 days
To Finish My Camino Memory Poems roughly every 1 day Take a vitamine pill! roughly every 1 day
Remembered meo roughly every 1 day go work out, find out what homework i have to do, eat 3 fruits and 4 veggies roughly every 2 days
Do My Good things list roughly every 2 days do my cv & get a new job! roughly every 7 days
Give your husband head today. roughly every 3 days Really tell God how great He is! REJOICE! roughly every 20 days
Show Carlos how much I love him. Do something no one can see for someone who needs something sweet done to them. WORK OUT lazy ass. You wanna finish that triathlon! Call your Grandparents. They are old and love you. roughly every 5 days do a blog entry roughly every 7 days
Baby's vet appointment is now 6/14/14, at 1:00 p.m.. (changed from 6/12/14) roughly every 18 days Write, do homework, and read a damn book, you fool roughly every 2 days
Learn something new. roughly every 14 days remember that nothing is important. How you feel while doing something is all that matters. roughly every 1 day
Swinm, bike or run...get out there roughly every 2 days Practice Guitar! roughly every 3 days
Update yourself. Download a new attitude. Re-boot your lifestyle. Now. roughly every 60 days practice vocabulary for 15 minutes! roughly every 2 days
finish your friggen book, your mom got it for you for a reason. roughly every 2 days Stop eating Chocolate! Stop it..its freaking bad for you! Acne and then ohhh those chubby cheeks! And do some excercise you lame asshole... roughly every 1 day
Do Push-Ups and Sit-Ups roughly every 1 day be yourself, don't take anyone's shit, and never let them take you alive! roughly every 1 day
I AM ENOUGH AND BRILLIANT!!! roughly every 1 day Akceptuj każde cierpienie i niezrozumienie, które pochodzą od Najwyższego. Tak postępując, udoskonalisz się i u›więcisz (›w. o. Pio, FSP, s. 119). roughly every 365 days
Do something nice for Jenni! roughly every 90 days WORK OUT!!!!!!! roughly every 3 days
go for a run down the road roughly every 2 days EMAIL AMANDA BECAUSE SHES SO COOL roughly every 2 days
finish the database for my sister. The one I promised her one year ago! roughly every 3 days get the hell on the treadmill roughly every 2 days
Clean the litter and take out the trash. roughly every 7 days pick someone and say hi. roughly every 1 day
WORK OUT, YOU FAT FUCK! roughly every 3 days EAT roughly every 1 day
give your daughter $20! i love you mom! :) lol roughly every 1 day Get your ass to the gym!!!!! roughly every 1 day