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Success is not the key to happiness, Happiness is the key to success, If you love what you are doing you will be successful Albert Schweitz roughly every 30 days Call the grandparents. roughly every 10 days
Do something on that new-business website today! roughly every 2 days release: Sid and the Sparks - Riding the Wave roughly every 3 days
Work on video projects that Evolve the Earth on EvolveEarth.com roughly every 7 days Write a postcard or letter! roughly every 21 days
make some art roughly every 2 days call your mum roughly every 10 days
Touch Alina's vagina and satisfy her sexually. roughly every 4 days Finish your 750 word writing quota for the day! roughly every 1 day
drink WATER! roughly every 3 days Hey you! It's the 23 year old you. Do you remember being 23? You were freaking out about be 24 this month and now look at where you're at...33?! Eesh, you must be PISSED. Anyway, I just wanted to check in on you. Make sure you're staying on track...living life. You know the good stuff. Unless you're dead. And in that case, you'll never get this letter from the 23 year old you. Oh gosh, did I just say that?! Ok, so we'll be optimistic and say you didn't die and that you DO get this e-mail. Now that that is out of the way, how's it going? Not sure why I'm asking you a question seeing you can't really talk to me anymore, but nonetheless, I am curious. Hopefully when you read this you'll be able to say "I'm good. Doing great. Never been better." Hopefully when you read this you'll have gotten your MS in Instructional Design & Technology. 23 year old you is in the process of applying for the program at UT. I think you’re a shoe-in for the program, but it would have been up to you to keep up with your studies and be successful in it. Your dad mentioned that you could probably work with Lockheed Martin with the degree you get. Are you working there now? Oh, how’s your love life. It was kind of crappy the last few months. You were dating ‘W’ but you broke that off. Weren’t getting what you wanted. Was really crappy because ‘W’ was being manipulative. Hopefully you didn’t go back because ‘W’ will never really be able to give you what you want. If you are with ‘W,’ this is really awkward. But, you were deadest on your decision when you broke it off and when the shit hit the fan, soo…maybe you stuck with it? You started seeing ‘N.’ AMAZEBALLS. Seriously. Amazing. You were so impressed with ‘N.’ ‘N’ would do ANYTHING for you. So super totally sweet. Possibly, ‘the one.’ Well, is ‘N’ still the one?! Are you still with ‘em?! Hoping for a YES. If it’s a NO, ouch..sucks. Something must’ve gone HORRIBLY wrong. I’m telling you…this one was a keeper. Just reflect on it and you’ll see. What adventures have you gone on? You have a horrible memory so hopefully you started writing them down. Have you performed? It was your passion. For YEARS. You kind of stopped doing it so you could make a paycheck. Understandable seeing that those student loans were raping you in the asshole. Are you still being raped by them? Here’s to hoping they’re paid off. REALLY hoping they’re paid off. Oh, do you remember trying to buy a new car at the 23 year old you? You really wanted to. Did you end up getting a Toyota Corolla or a Honda Accord?! Those were the two you wanted. Maybe the you now has a fancy schmancy car! Oh, you also just chopped off all your hair. Basically 11 inches. Everyone talks about your hair all the time. What’s it like now? Short? Long? Are you a mom?! Omgosh! All you could think about was getting married and being a mom! Well, are you?! Say yes, say yes, say yes. If you are a mom did you think your babies looked like an alien at first? You always say that babies are ugly and look like aliens. “No such thing as a cute baby.” It was your mantra (motto?!). Ok, so 23 year old you has run out of questions. Basically, here’s to hoping your life has and is still becoming everything you’ve wanted it to be. You’re a great person. Despite what others tell you, so never give up on YOU. You’re worth living for. roughly every 3650 days
Go running fatty! Love, your old clothes roughly every 1 day EAT BETTER AND WORK OUT MORE YOU LAZY ASS AND CALL YOUR GRANDMOTHER roughly every 5 days
Change the oil on the cars roughly every 60 days Beware the blue walrus's left eye! roughly every 388 days
Be more positive; remember, the only real enemy to you is yourself, so be in the now, look at yourself honesty and remember fear has NO hold over you that you don't let happen! roughly every 5 days get gabby's birthday present of fruit loops! and her full address roughly every 4 days
Go for a walk roughly every 5 days Go to Church roughly every 14 days
Write in journal. 4 things I am thankful for. Ways I have progressed this week. Things I need to work on progressing. roughly every 7 days make a new picture design for zazzle roughly every 60 days
WORK OUT, YOU FAT FUCK! roughly every 3 days meditate roughly every 3 days
Write a song/practice guitar or keyboard. Shy Castles is important!! roughly every 6 days write, write, write. like your life depended on it. like one day there will be a girl who curls up with your words and finds some strength and some reassurance and some joy. roughly every 6 days
Youre a fag...you love men...quit downloading gay porn you queer... roughly every 3 days write a short story goddamnit. roughly every 7 days
Be good! be better! roughly every 6 days Stop prograsntinating, walk at least for half hour every other day. Get serious about losing weight roughly every 8 days
go for a run! roughly every 2 days Eat your fruits and vegetables! roughly every 5 days
Lose weight roughly every 1 day Go outside to draw. DO IT. roughly every 30 days
Have you walked those 10,000 steps every day? Do it now roughly every 4 days Exercise tomorrow! roughly every 3 days
aller a la piscine roughly every 7 days Do 100 press ups roughly every 2 days
Eat Right and exercise.... Look at yourself! How much do you way! You know you can do it! Go to curves, for Cynthia! Shes paying good money for you! You can do it! You Can Be Hot!! NOW GET OFF YOUR ASS AND WORK! roughly every 1 day August 6, 2015: I sit here at 247 pounds. The workouts and the diet have been engaged. Let us see - and measure - that the future reveals. Be there. roughly every 187 days
Go to LA Fitness and exercise! roughly every 5 days lift weights at the YMCA roughly every 3 days
call my mother. roughly every 3 days Check Tribal Wars roughly every 1 day
Practice the violin roughly every 3 days write in my journal roughly every 3 days
Stop wasting your time and do something creative. Play guitar, write a poem, fill a page with drawings. Go for a climb, learn a new skate trick. Do something that you will remember. Take some pictures. roughly every 3 days work out and play the piano roughly every 3 days
apologise again. roughly every 365 days Enter M.E.RM. Data. roughly every 7 days
To take time and go for a run roughly every 2 days Go to the gym you fat out of shape little pansy.... 2. Eat 3 meals a day 3. Get Gingko 4. Find a PT internship 5. Study the GRE roughly every 2 days
Pray Work out Eat well Love Jackie roughly every 1 day Be Love. roughly every 24 days
reflect on the goals for the next year of life roughly every 40 days "If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else's, we'd grab ours back." roughly every 25 days
Be thankful :D roughly every 2 days Go to the gym. FLAB IS NOT ATTRACTIVE! roughly every 2 days
Go running roughly every 3 days GO TO THE GYM BISH IT'S GOOD FOR YOU YOU WON'T REGRET IT BRAH roughly every 2 days
go to the gym! work out! build thaT body! flex those biceps! roughly every 2 days 1. The only person that can ever truly make you happy is yourself. Stop depending on everyone else. 2. People lie, stuff happens. Don’t take it too personally. 3. Want people to think you’re amazing? Start believing you are, and then they will too. http://www.theinspirationtree.com/2011/01/pursuit-of-happiness-15-lessons-to-keep.html roughly every 12 days
Go to the gym roughly every 4 days EAT FOOD!!!!!!!!! And lots of it you skinny bitch roughly every 5 days
Love alexis just as much as she loves you roughly every 4 days 7/19/2015 - I weigh roughly 253 lbs. Down 7 pounds in 19 days. I set to actualize the goal of 168 pounds. The point of this note is to remind myself to keep on the pathway. roughly every 19 days
GO TO THE GYM roughly every 5 days file your biweekly claim lauren! roughly every 14 days
go to the gym roughly every 3 days Gym, water, fruit, veggies roughly every 7 days
look at marketing roughly every 5 days phone your brother Eric roughly every 90 days
go to the gym roughly every 3 days ir al gim i comer bien roughly every 4 days
don't judge a book by its movie. my mom called me self-important, i nearly fell out of my throne. friction is a drag. its bad luck to be superstitious. clones are people two. nostalgia isn't what it used to be. Quantum Mechanics: The dreams stuff is made of Support bacteria - they're the only culture some people have roughly every 150 days Count your points!! roughly every 1 day
WORKOUT AND GO RUNNING. PUT YOUR SHOES ON. roughly every 19 days laptop aanzetten om 10 uur elke zondag roughly every 7 days
Walk at least half a mile roughly every 7 days Be shezzy roughly every 7 days
call some family!! Aunt, aunt, oma, grandma. seriously! roughly every 14 days Stop eating crap roughly every 2 days
10 tips for a great conversation 1. Don't Multitask (Be present in the moment) 2. Assume you have something to learn 3. Use Open Ended Questions 4. Go with the flow (don't change gears abrubptly) 5. Say you don't know, if you don't know (talk isn't cheap) 6. Don't share your experiences with theirs 7. Don't repeat yourself 8. Forget about details, they are not important (dates, times etc) 9. Listen! (Budda: If your mouth is open, you are not learning anything) 10. Be brief Be interested genuinely in the other person and be prepared to be amazed! roughly every 5 days call/use google phone roughly every 9 days
Finish writing book! roughly every 1 day Get the oil changed in the car roughly every 90 days
Clean at least one section of the house, and then go for a WALK! roughly every 2 days Exersice you @@%#$&#$!!!! LEarn something new today Think Positive all the time and trust in GOD for clarity and revelation in what you are meant to do with your life roughly every 3 days
Get on my exercise bike for 20mins! roughly every 3 days Go to the gym NOW! You will feel SO much better! NO excuses! GO!! roughly every 1 day
Do some yoga! Oh, and clean the toilets. roughly every 3 days eat healthy! exercise!! pray!!! roughly every 3 days
Get yee to the gym:) Lovingly, me. roughly every 2 days Pay your damned bills! roughly every 30 days
Take jayden off metrofax roughly every 1 day I bet your handbag is a mess. Probably filled with old receipts and tobacco crumbs, and there's probably something edible rotting away in there. Sort it out, you dirty girl. :) with love from yourself roughly every 45 days
Stop smoking roughly every 3 days Read a book for 1 hour roughly every 3 days

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