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Below are 100 things which users of HassleMe have asked to be unpredictably reminded of. Reload the page for another 100. Warning! There may be strong language within hassles, that's just the way people are. Don't read them if that bothers you.

be happy!every day & do whatever you want to do. roughly every 10 days Relax and take a break. roughly every 4 days
check logs of ontime, phones, desktop, roughly every 3 days call your Grandma. DO IT NOW roughly every 10 days
Go to the gym so you can look incredibly hot in your new, cute, ruffled bathing suit that you spent a $100 that you don't really have on. roughly every 2 days Write 2 pages of my Research Paper roughly every 1 day
Be a homebody roughly every 7 days Do dancing stretches, idiot. You will never accomplish your dream if you sit around all day. roughly every 2 days
CALL MOM roughly every 3 days take a walk in the beautiful air! roughly every 12 days
Hit the gym! You will feel and look great! roughly every 1 day drink enough water roughly every 2 days
LOOK UP NEW BANDS AND SONGS! roughly every 2 days Write a journal entry roughly every 4 days
Do your reading because you're a smarty pants!! roughly every 3 days do some poetry or diary daily writings roughly every 1 day
WORKOUT roughly every 2 days Relax! You can do it! roughly every 4 days
Play Guitar roughly every 1 day breathe, remember it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks and focus on the good stuff :D roughly every 3 days
Breath; reclaim awareness of the this very moment. The only constant is change, so forget the past and prepare for the future without worrying about it. Worry is only a waste of time and energy. roughly every 5 days Meditate and be present roughly every 1 day
put the fork down. go make up for it. don't feel like it? go look in the mirror. GET A GRIP. you're letting yourself go and you'll never follow through with your life plan when you weigh a buck fifty. WOOF! guys don't make passes to girls with fat ass's. now go, run along. literally. roughly every 3 days Do some parkour practice stunts. roughly every 2 days
Take a deep breath and know this too will pass... roughly every 2 days Clean the house! roughly every 2 days
Be grateful! roughly every 21 days mucho!!!! roughly every 1 day
Be thankful :D roughly every 2 days Get your ass in gear as far as your eating plan is concerned! roughly every 2 days
Buy some nice flowers. roughly every 60 days 100 kettlebell swings roughly every 2 days
Get your paperwork done!! roughly every 2 days Get off your lazy ass and do what you need to do. I know you're putting something off. Go do it or at least part of it. roughly every 3 days
Finish the gate openers Finish the keypads Did I call all the pool contractors roughly every 5 days Zawsze kochaj cierpienie, które oprócz tego, że jest dziełem Bożej mądro›ci -jeszcze lepiej ukazuje nam dzieło ]ego miło›ci (›w. o. Pio, ASN, s. 43). roughly every 365 days
have you straightened the front room yet? roughly every 2 days eat more fruit and veg roughly every 7 days
Eat healthy cause girls aren't going like you and Boni will take your spot roughly every 3 days Clean my CPAP mask. roughly every 6 days
Go Work The Fuck Out roughly every 2 days Get out of bed and do something with my life!! roughly every 2 days
do the laundry roughly every 3 days What fifteen things are you thankful for today? roughly every 7 days
Hassle someone :D roughly every 54 days Get tickets to a movie, concert, ballgame, or show roughly every 28 days
STUDY!!! You're almost to UT, don't fuck it up!! roughly every 14 days DON'T FOCUS ON THE EMOTION. Focus on the bull's-eye. roughly every 1 day
Be Grateful for what you have...count your blessings! roughly every 1 day change the oil roughly every 90 days
Ring my sister roughly every 14 days Get out of bed and smell the coffee. roughly every 2 days
Exercise you be-breasted bitch! roughly every 2 days Explore music, buy another album roughly every 14 days
workout and write roughly every 2 days Take care of your shit! roughly every 1 day
If you wait until you're ready you will wait forever. roughly every 20 days Trust your friends, they love you no matter what. Sometimes its nice to have support. roughly every 5 days
get physical activity roughly every 7 days "If you are pained by external things, it is not they that disturb you, but your own judgment of them. And it is in your power to wipe out that judgment now." Marcus Aurelius Antoninus roughly every 25 days
  roughly every 1 day Write an excerpt in your Journal roughly every 3 days
Get all school work done!! roughly every 7 days Eat better, nigga... Put the snacks, meat, sweets and fast food down! roughly every 1 day
Put $20-40 from every paycheck into savings. roughly every 14 days Email parents, keep in touch with siblings. roughly every 10 days
Call or text cea roughly every 1 day Set a date and make things happen. roughly every 15 days
get off your fucking fat ass and go to the gym roughly every 2 days Work out roughly every 3 days
Take MY MAN in the room and Please him show him you love him too. roughly every 2 days Hit the Gym Everyday roughly every 2 days
dear 30-year-old me. will i still be in love with the same old guy i knew back then? will he still be the jerk that he is today? will i ever find the strength to forgive him and let go of all the painful memories? will i still be loving the same guy after all those years? :'( roughly every 3650 days Work out or do something roughly every 2 days
Walk, Run, lift, do something fatty! roughly every 2 days drink more water! roughly every 3 days
Go to gym, walk dog, move!!! roughly every 2 days Return that Netflix dvd which you most likely had for awhile. roughly every 3 days
Exercise!!! Smile while doing it, thank for Lord for being able to do so. Walk in the park with husband. Sing/worship while I work. roughly every 10 days Keep letting go! roughly every 1 day
Show the Love to the Fam! roughly every 3 days Have you blogged today? roughly every 2 days
Exercise, you lazy thing! roughly every 3 days 5 top regrets that most terminally ill patents give. I wish I had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me. Their game plan for everybody is - your born, they let you have fun till your about 6 maybe 8, goto school, then they wipe the fun the fuck out of you. Get a job, get a wife at 30, pay your fucking taxes, save for your retirement while the bankers fuck you over for every piece of money they can get out of you for your whole life. When your 65 you retire, yippy kyay, then you get to enjoy your life, the you get a heart attack at 68, you die. I wish I hadn’t worked so hard. Your job is to not ask questions. You know what people start doing when they ask questions? They start doing things outside the rules, they start making more money, they start quitting their jobs, they start businesses and moving off shore. They start fucking multiple girls and not getting married, and not getting a house, and not paying a mortgage on a house, and paying for the fucking kids. I wish i’d had the courage to express my feelings. Once you start facing fear every day a little bit, it starts dying, and you start growing. And suddenly you become addicted to that growth. 4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends. If you tune in to what you guys really are, which is an absolutely free entity that loves learning and having fun, and being round other people and learning, if you really connected with that child self, which is all about having, you would all quit the system. I wish I had let myself be happier. You guys have to put yourself’s first in life, always, because no one else is going to put your happiness first, nobody, ever. you’re going to be waiting a long fucking time for some shit to happen, cause it’s not going to happen. Your just going to be 80 and your going to thin back to this talk and go fuck, and then you die. It’s a long wait. But that’s the disease we’ve got, we’re hoping that someone will lead us to happiness. Their’s two type of human beings, one of them goes for what he wants, and moves towards his goal, his objective. Moves towards becoming himself, becoming a man, being authentic, more honest a better person. Everyday he’s moving toward becoming amazing. The second type to person, he’s not, that’s it. Which are you? roughly every 40 days
clean downstairs roughly every 8 days Jim go walk on the tread mill. You want to live. I want to dance at my kids wedding. roughly every 2 days
Hi its the dog here, any chance of a walk? Come on, you need the excersise too barrel boy! roughly every 14 days practice the piano roughly every 3 days
Did you finish your 25 sit ups for the past few days - and drink water - and eat more fruits and veggies? roughly every 3 days Practice guitar! roughly every 3 days
Eat healthy and workout! roughly every 1 day STOP EATING SO MUCH JUNK roughly every 2 days
Practice guitar roughly every 3 days Kiss Daphne! roughly every 20 days
Cut back on Soda! roughly every 3 days You need to stay positive, try harder and just have a good time in everything you do. roughly every 3 days
Call a friend just to chat roughly every 5 days love yourself, face your issues, achieve your goals because you're awesome and you can freakin do it if you keep going. roughly every 1 day
CARDIO 30-45 minutes roughly every 2 days Don't forget to do your situps, fatass roughly every 2 days

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