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Below are 100 things which users of HassleMe have asked to be unpredictably reminded of. Reload the page for another 100. Warning! There may be strong language within hassles, that's just the way people are. Don't read them if that bothers you.

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Do my damn homeork roughly every 1 day Ride your bike, go lift, do pilates...ANYTHING other than sitting on your ass reading this email. roughly every 1 day
My office organized and in working order. Also my home. roughly every 3 days Tell your friends you love them. roughly every 15 days
never forget how loved you are. You absolutely light the lives of one small dude named Max and one less small dude called tb. roughly every 9 days go for a walk roughly every 1 day
go to the gym!! roughly every 3 days Relax! You can do it! roughly every 4 days
get in shape roughly every 2 days Get your butt off the chair and work out today!!!! roughly every 2 days
visit the botanical conservatory roughly every 20 days Call Granny roughly every 3 days
Tai chi roughly every 1 day clean aquarium roughly every 38 days
call your mum roughly every 10 days Do a digital sketch. roughly every 3 days
Zawsze powinni┼›my zachowywa─ç nienaruszonymi dwie cnoty, a mianowicie: ┼éagodno┼›─ç wobec bli┼║niego i ┼›wi─Öt─ů pokor─Ö przed Bogiem (┼›w. o. Pio, Epist. III, s. 944). roughly every 365 days back up new and important files roughly every 30 days
Cook something new! roughly every 7 days Try and be more energy conservative, and eco-friendly roughly every 5 days
to pray ceaselessly and to remember that drawing nearer to God - lets God draw nearer too. roughly every 1 day You need to stay positive, try harder and just have a good time in everything you do. roughly every 3 days
When did you last get a tattoo? Be who you want to be <3 roughly every 175 days Write two reviews on Yelp.com roughly every 7 days
You are so fucking cool. roughly every 6 days Do something for someone else. Not neccisarily big, dear. Just something. And dont expect anything in return. roughly every 15 days
register for school, practice guitar! roughly every 2 days Read that book. roughly every 5 days
DonÔÇÖt worry about what others are doing better than you. Concentrate on beating your own records every day. Success is a battle between YOU and YOURSELF only. roughly every 1 day Check in with little sister. roughly every 7 days
Do not be afraid. The dark is your friend. roughly every 200 days it's been an ENTIRE week - have you been who you have meant to be? Did you study? Did you bake? Did you read? Did you light the candles? Did you write? Did you make your morning brachas? Try to remember how happy this makes you. roughly every 7 days
Do something nice for Jenni! roughly every 90 days Clean the litter box roughly every 20 days
do physical therapy exercises get enough protein 80=90 gms per day stop negative thoughts stop and thank the Lord.. Pray more often (not hassle just need reminded roughly every 3 days Move to Provence roughly every 7 days
Write to monica roughly every 5 days Send a note through the mail to someone. It doesn't have to be anything fancy. It can be a thank-you note that you have been putting off, a simple hey-I'm-thinking-about-you note, a long overdue letter, a birthday card -- just something. Connect to people. It makes a difference. roughly every 20 days
I open myself genuinely to all people by being willing to fully communicate my deepest feelings, since hiding in any degree keep me stuck in my illusion of separateness from other people. roughly every 1 day GET TO THE GYM AND LIFT WEIGHTS! THE HALF IS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER! roughly every 2 days
Go for a run roughly every 3 days clean the litterbox roughly every 3 days
Switch off internet for a week roughly every 42 days go running roughly every 3 days
eat healthy roughly every 3 days Read a book!! roughly every 7 days
Do something. Fail if you must but do something! However, if you fail then learn from it. Now do it, not later, NOW! roughly every 2 days Go Swimming! roughly every 7 days
QUIT EATING SO MUCH FOOD roughly every 2 days get back on my diet! roughly every 2 days
clean up your table.... roughly every 3 days PLEASE FLOSS roughly every 1 day
Draw in the book roughly every 3 days Do something on your "to do" list. roughly every 3 days
Did you remember to feed those ugly fish? Get a job, man. roughly every 2 days Take out the garbage! roughly every 3 days
Go to the gym. roughly every 4 days Go see nanny, say something good about yourself, read a book, study a bit, make a new playlist, listen to friends problems, hug m&d, exercise, be nice, make friends :) roughly every 11 days
DRINK MORE WATER. roughly every 1 day Do some yoga roughly every 2 days
Read your Bible at least 2 chapters! roughly every 1 day Walk/Run for 30 minutes and drink at least 64 oz of water roughly every 1 day
eat normal portions and exercise roughly every 1 day Buy queen sized rubber or waterproof sheet. roughly every 2 days
Live my life! Make sure! roughly every 16 days Situps -- 4 sets roughly every 4 days
Clean something in the house roughly every 2 days Hey there, 17 year old you again, speaking from HassleMe. How was your junior year of college? Excited for senior year finally? How was that One Direction concert way back in July 2013? Did you meet the boys this time? Did they tell you you were lovely? Was it all you wanted and more? Are you going to any other One Direction concerts in the future? Are they planning anything new soon? Do you even still like them? Do you have a boyfriend yet? Are you in love? Have you moved into your own apartment? What's college like? Hope you're doing well xx roughly every 1095 days
Go for a 30 minute walk roughly every 4 days Review my notebook. Sort out the ideas. Digest. Transcribe. roughly every 2 days
go for a walk roughly every 3 days Go Biking! roughly every 2 days
smile. life is wonderful. it could be worse. everyday is a gift roughly every 3 days READ UR FUCKIN UNI STUFF roughly every 3 days
Ver a conta do telefone pela Internet em https://minhaconta.telefonica.com.br roughly every 50 days Take your medicine! roughly every 1 day
Sei gl├╝cklich. Genie├če das Leben. Du lebst. Du atmest. Du hast Menschen, die du liebst und die dich lieben. Du hast ein zu Hause und genug zu Essen. Sei Dankbar. Sei Gl├╝cklich. roughly every 6 days Be a homebody roughly every 7 days
How many miles did you walk today? roughly every 1 day give FAITH a fighting chance roughly every 1 day
WALK YOUR DOGS!!! roughly every 2 days Start exercising and continue it!! Eat healthy. Lose weight. roughly every 5 days
Suck A Llamas Bawls! roughly every 1 day try more things and be confident i can be great if i stick to it and have confidence don't let people put you down not 4 anything i am wat i am and i am greatness in the making. just go 4 it take a chance and don't be scared of failure. say i can do it , i can have the best life available... roughly every 5 days
excercise and eat more healthy. Flabby butt! roughly every 2 days Hello beautiful: Everything is all right if you want it to be! It's ok. You're doing just fine. Call someone you love. Move around. Eat your fruit and veggies. Drink water. Breathe in. Breathe out. Feel better? Aw yeah :) love, me roughly every 3 days
keep my new year's resolutions roughly every 5 days Stay Grounded roughly every 3 days
drink water and eat wisely roughly every 2 days Phone Nick roughly every 7 days
Practice your Spanish!!! roughly every 1 day MIKE YOU LAZY SHIT! its time to sort your sleeping pattern out dick flange! dont care how, just do it or watch life slip between your fingers!! roughly every 15 days
Go to the Gym roughly every 3 days be different outgoing and just go with it. dont question the here and now. if you are invited to go do something late at night and you have work. do it anyway. you never know what might happen. roughly every 3 days
Exercise. Rehab Shoulder. Yoga..... Ride. roughly every 5 days To call color code.. roughly every 7 days
RUN roughly every 1 day Stay in touch with friends. roughly every 7 days
SMILE, now that you're awake! KEEP smiling, it will make your day. roughly every 1 day STOP SMOKING roughly every 10 days