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Below are 100 things which users of HassleMe have asked to be unpredictably reminded of. Reload the page for another 100. Warning! There may be strong language within hassles, that's just the way people are. Don't read them if that bothers you.

have you cycled recently. are you gonna cycle around this continent? roughly every 15 days Sen değerlisin ve senin dışında hiç kimsenin seni üzmeye hakkı yok roughly every 3 days
go to the gym study eat your veggies, think postive, drink water!!!not coffee! roughly every 1 day Life is anything and everything I make of it. Don't forget to enjoy what I'm doing, and if I'm not enjoying it, stop doing it. Remember there is always something to be happy about, even when I think there isn't. I will never never myself go, especially physically! I DO have a best friend out there, and she will always be there for me. And most importantly, I won't do anything half-assed, and I won't forget my goals. Hell or glory, I don't want anything in between. roughly every 90 days
Go to the gym roughly every 2 days Remember youare beautiful and even if you feel like no one loves you Jesus always will roughly every 1 day
The choices you make affect the people around you. Reflect and communicate. roughly every 3 days Make a coffee date roughly every 5 days
Switch off internet for a week roughly every 42 days Know what a song sings. Memorize it! Learn to sing it! roughly every 1 day
Pay phone/electricity bill. roughly every 25 days Go to gymn roughly every 1 day
Turn it over and it will be ok roughly every 2 days call Mum In India roughly every 4 days
Crazy is dolng same thing and expecting different results roughly every 30 days Walk the dog, go for a bike ride or play the Black Eyed Peas Experience!!! DO something to better your life! You don't want to end up obese!! You know you're better!! You can do it! Think how better you'll feel afterwards!! :) roughly every 1 day
What are you grateful for today? 5 deep breaths... roughly every 1 day eat fruits and vegetables roughly every 5 days
Call Grandma roughly every 4 days CRAConcentrationRealizationAcculazation roughly every 1 day
Save the world! Go to school. Stop loafing and drinking and smoking so much pot. roughly every 10 days Get in touch with your spirituality. Connect with the Universe. Give more than you take. Abundance is everywhere. Be grateful. roughly every 1 day
walk nitwit, walk a mile in your own shoes roughly every 3 days Christmas CRAFT - make stuff! roughly every 8 days
I bet your handbag is a mess. Probably filled with old receipts and tobacco crumbs, and there's probably something edible rotting away in there. Sort it out, you dirty girl. :) with love from yourself roughly every 45 days Work out roughly every 2 days
go for a walk roughly every 2 days Go for an hr walk or do strength training. roughly every 2 days
Suck a big black Dick roughly every 1 day check my bank account roughly every 1 day
Replace your toothbrush. roughly every 90 days Go to the gym, biatch!!! roughly every 1 day
Write something! Stop wasting your fucking talent and time! There's a GREAT book inside you. Let it the fuck out! roughly every 2 days Do something healthy! Go for a walk, a swim, the gym! Eat something healthy too! roughly every 1 day
Did you walk last nite? If not, are you going to walk tonite? roughly every 3 days check all your hotmail accounts before they expire roughly every 20 days
I love you Baby! Thank you for all your hard work. Love WIFU roughly every 3 days be happy! roughly every 3 days
drink water and eat wisely roughly every 2 days Change the kitty's litterbox roughly every 30 days
The secret of success in life is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes.- Benjamin Disraeli roughly every 15 days Hola! This would be who you USED to be. Have you improved at all since the last time we talked? (...) Good! Now...go do it again! And write down everything you eat, say, and do today, and review on Monday before school. Find and fix your mistakes. I'll be back in a few months; make me proud! roughly every 60 days
BE HAPPY !! roughly every 60 days visit wellpark roughly every 5 days
stop and write down 10 things you love about you. roughly every 10 days Call you mom, she loves you even if she doesn't show it...Enjoy the small things, they keep you happy...Save money and DON'T touch your savings account...Love, Pray, Laugh, HAVE SEX...Talk to those people who you've forgotten about-they haven't forgotten about you roughly every 7 days
Practice guitar! Learn at least one song ^.^ roughly every 4 days Go to the gym. Eat fruit. Drink water Walk the dogs!!! roughly every 3 days
call my friends roughly every 14 days Write in blogs roughly every 2 days
watch what I'm eating roughly every 2 days Meditate in a unique way. Minimum 20 minutes! :) roughly every 3 days
W odniesieniu do tego, co mówisz mi o doznaniach uczuciowych podczas modlitwy my›lnej, wiedz, że jest to diabelski podstęp. Dlatego bądź uważna i czujna. Nigdy nie zaniedbuj medytacji z tego powodu. Bądź pewna, że postępując inaczej poniesiesz klęskę na całej linii (›w. o. Pio, Epist. 111, s. 405). roughly every 365 days start working on my thesis roughly every 3 days
PHOTOs! PRINT some and back-up onto external drive and online roughly every 5 days Exercise Exercise Exercise!!! Low fat roughly every 2 days
For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. roughly every 21 days Study two weeks before exams! roughly every 3 days
Rember to Clean the flat sort your mail roughly every 7 days Been reading the Bible? roughly every 10 days
Write an entry in my diary roughly every 3 days Wake up, look life in the eye, and enjoy it. roughly every 2 days
earn a 4.0 this semester. roughly every 7 days smoke alaskan thunderfuck roughly every 2 days
do SOME housework roughly every 4 days Post some entries roughly every 5 days
go to the gym roughly every 3 days Stop making excuses not to run! You love it, and it makes you less grumpy. roughly every 7 days
clean the house! ;) roughly every 3 days Have you cleaned up after yourself so you don't get yelled at? How about going over a few details? roughly every 3 days
Make an attempt to fulfill the wishes on your bucket list. roughly every 3 days Progress in IHSS. Haven't started working? Make 10 calls. Working? Do a great job. Bored? Do 10 things to make it better. Need to learn something? Use your resources & learn it. roughly every 1 day
This is how bored you were the day before you turned nineteen. By the way if your in worse shape than I am right now, I'm gonna go into the future and kick your ass. roughly every 500 days Please Lose Weight, Sweetie roughly every 15 days
Change Water Filter for Kitchen Sink roughly every 90 days Go to Udemy: https://www.udemy.com/home/my-courses/ roughly every 1 day
Lift weights roughly every 2 days Spend an hour on my accounts roughly every 1 day
Go for jogging regularly roughly every 11 days Go to the Gym! roughly every 1 day
turn computer off!!! SERIOUSLY roughly every 7 days check finances roughly every 20 days
Be grateful, Pollyanna style, list em off 10 9 8. Laugh WITH someone over something pure and silly. Pray for the people in your life and go study alone for awhile. roughly every 15 days Get the lead out. Pull out all the stops. Pedal to the metal. Balls to the wall. Drop the hammer. Let her rip. roughly every 42 days
Do a blog post! roughly every 3 days Walk 10,000-15,000 Steps, and Workout at Gold's Gym Daily. roughly every 1 day
GET OFF MYSPACE AND STUDY,STUDY,STUDY!!! roughly every 2 days Update your Planner! roughly every 1 day
Exercise, you lazy thing! roughly every 3 days Clean. Re-do your resume. Read morrre. GET OFF YOUR PHONE. roughly every 2 days
Think positive, happiness is a state of mind, success is unavoidable, love is inevitable, fulfillment is a choice and intuition is my superpower roughly every 2 days STOP SPENDING MONEY. RIGHT NOW. QUIT IT. DON'T BUY ANYTHING ELSE. SAVE IT, YOU NEED IT. roughly every 3 days
wonder what purpose this brings! roughly every 100 days clean up the freaking office roughly every 3 days
stop dipping roughly every 10 days Stay motivated. You're gonna do it this time. Eat healthy, drink lots of water, do some exercise. Even if the momentum has lapsed, you can pick it up at any time. Just keep it going in the right direction. You will be happy! roughly every 30 days
Go for a walk tonight! roughly every 3 days Love yourself roughly every 1 day
Hip vs. hipster: The hipster thinks being un-hip is cool. In striving for total squareness, the hipster often dresses like an old man: scraggly beard, thick-framed glasses and a straw hat. He spends most of his time desperately trying to avoid being a cliche and in doing so becomes one. He thinks being cool is not cool. Therefore, he is not cool. The hipster is in a perpetual state of trying to escape himself for fear that he might be tagged a “hipster.” He re-invents himself one Carpenters album at a time. Hip is eternal, immutable and undeniable. If you were truly hip in the 1960s, you’re still hip. Hip is cool but not ironic. When you see it, you know it, you want to be it. Who wouldn’t have wanted to be Mick Jagger in his twenties? Who wants to be Bon Iver? Little known fact: Hip people appear to be anywhere from nine to eleven inches taller than they actually are. While hipness is eternal, maybe the days of hip are over. It’s kind of sad when the hippest living person I can think of is in his seventies, Bob Dylan. Maybe Iggy’s still hip. Jagger certainly ain’t, which signifies that a person can be eternally hip at one point in his life and not at another. Young Jagger = eternally hip. Old Jagger = not hip. roughly every 10 days Breathe deeply and realize life is great! roughly every 2 days

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