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Below are 100 things which users of HassleMe have asked to be unpredictably reminded of. Reload the page for another 100. Warning! There may be strong language within hassles, that's just the way people are. Don't read them if that bothers you.

Did you do your Push Ups and Sit Ups today? Let's get BIG!!! It's up to you... roughly every 2 days have you told your baby you love him lately? you know hes a little freaky so go up and nibble on his ear or smack him on the booty. or, you could just walk in to the room strip butt booty naked and demand a moustache ride. roughly every 3 days
Produce money roughly every 1 day complete a lesson on livemocha and write something in Japanese roughly every 3 days
STOP BEING A FREAKING POOHOLE! roughly every 1 day Lucid dream and get more exercise roughly every 1 day
Get a life. Do the things you set out to do. Hassle me, I need it. roughly every 11 days pray and look up the bible roughly every 1 day
Pay a bill or send a mail or put clothes in the wash or feed the dogs, do something that needs doing. roughly every 1 day WORK OUT and EAT RIGHT roughly every 1 day
Check your finances roughly every 7 days Finish an article? roughly every 7 days
renew Craig's List petsitting post roughly every 2 days Ask God.... roughly every 1 day
gym today to get to tone up & get to 63kg! roughly every 2 days Go to the GYM! roughly every 2 days
Get a haircut roughly every 28 days write a song! roughly every 3 days
Get exercize and eat healthy roughly every 4 days Turn it over and it will be ok roughly every 2 days
Call the fam, fillout paperwork for school. roughly every 7 days RUN roughly every 1 day
play an instrument. roughly every 3 days Played any good games lately? roughly every 5 days
Exercise! NOW! Love, your sexy-jump-on-your-husband- the-moment-he-walks-through-the-door lingerie roughly every 1 day What's up man. (not really a question, thus not deserving of a question mark). (was that period punctually correct?). I am the 18 year old you and you know me better than anyone, so you should be expecting what I'm about to ask you right now. Have you carved your name into history yet? If not, then WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING YOU STUPID ASSHOLE. YOU KNOW THAT YOU DON'T HAVE MUCH TIME LEFT, OR THEN IT WILL NOT BE AS PERFECT AS IT SHOULD BE. GET GOING NOW!!!!!!!!! HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN THE TRUTH? WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?!?! YOU DID NOT FAIL YET, BUT YOU'RE ON THE PATH TO FAILURE! PLEASE, FOR ME, START NOW. OR YOU'LL BE FORGOTTEN FOREVER. If the plan is going along smoothly, then good job. I am proud of you, but don't get too cocky and stop now. You probably still have a long way to go. Good luck. p.s: gmail is still alive? and how is HassleMe even alive? roughly every 3650 days
Practice guitar! Learn at least one song ^.^ roughly every 4 days calm down roughly every 1 day
BE STRONG. BE BEAUTIFUL. GO FOR A WALK TODAY NO MATTER WHAT. TAKE TIME FOR YOU! LOVE YOURSELF! roughly every 2 days Call or text cea roughly every 1 day
Please tell me you love yourself by now. roughly every 3650 days Go for a walk :) roughly every 5 days
"Happiness is not so much in having as sharing. We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give." Norman MacEwan: roughly every 45 days LOVE ALWAYS! Right now, someone loves you. Love may hurt, but you hurt worse without love. LONG LIVE LOVE! roughly every 23 days
Remembered meo roughly every 1 day clean room roughly every 4 days
Read something productive!!! roughly every 4 days find work at home or temp job roughly every 3 days
See a damn doctor roughly every 3 days do my laundry roughly every 7 days
STAY ON TRACK. roughly every 5 days clean living room roughly every 7 days
Log food and exercise onto SparkPeople roughly every 1 day Call your Mom and Dad! You'll regret it later if you don't! roughly every 7 days
Have you worked on your book within the last 72 hours? roughly every 5 days Check Buick Tire Pressure roughly every 7 days
Study two weeks before exams! roughly every 3 days Eat fruit and run. roughly every 3 days
Up water intake roughly every 2 days Stop being fat roughly every 1 day
Work out roughly every 1 day Sign up for Achilles Dog Training, Walk him, Play.... roughly every 2 days
Listen to your heart. roughly every 30 days clean living room roughly every 8 days
Be more badass roughly every 2 days Paint roughly every 7 days
It's 17 year old you. Remember StumbleUpon? And the HassleMe you stumbled across? Well, here it is coming back to you. How are you? Did you ever get to go to London in August 2012 like you wanted? How was the One Direction concert on December 3, 2012? Did you ever meet the boys? Did they say you were lovely? Was it all you ever hoped for? Do you still even like One Direction? Are you on to a new obsession? How was your first year of college? Did you make new friends? A boyfriend? Anything special? xx roughly every 365 days Pray this Prayer aloud every day: “Thank you Lord that every bill and every debt is paid, in Jesus name! Third John two says, Above all things you wish I will prosper and be in health. You do not want me in debt. I am your child (1Jn.3:1). You love me. That is why you sent Jesus to deliver me from the curse of the law (Galatians 3:13). Your Bible says you take pleasure in my prosperity (Psalm 35:27). You are the Lord God that shows me the way to get wealth so that I may establish your covenant on this earth; so that I may expand your kingdom in this world (De.8:18). You said in your Word if I obey and serve you, I will spend my days in prosperity and my years in pleasure (Job 36:11). You promise me in Proverbs 13:22 that the wealth of the wicked is laid up for me the just! If I am willing and obedient, I will eat the good of the land (Is.1:19). The Bible says I can have whatever I say if I do not doubt it (Mk.11:23), and I say I am rich and blessed and walking in the fullness of God…that I am above only and not beneath (De.28:13)…that every bill and debt is paid…that everything I put my hand to will prosper and have good success! (Jos.1:8). I know with you Lord nothing is impossible (Mt.19:26); that there is nothing you cannot do (Lk.1:37). And I believe in my heart as I pray that you are delivering me from every debt! I bind you spirit of debt poverty off my life. I command you to loose my money and let it go! I resist you devil and you must flee. I break you off my finances right now! I declare and decree by faith that every bill and debt is paid! (Jb.22:28). In Jesus name, Amen.” roughly every 1 day
Send out 2 quotes roughly every 2 days Hey Kaitlyn; this is you, from the past, dont freak out lol i wrote this when I (we?) was 17 from this "hassle me" website that I found on "stumbleupon". I dont really know what to say, are you still really bad with your words? Tell me, have you had your first kiss yet? do you have a boyfriend? husband? What was university like? where did you end up going? do you still live in canada? or have you gone to some place warm? did you ever go back to Wales? are you planning to? have you/are you travelling lots? Hows your career going? did you make it? who are you working with? what are you working on? is it everything that you had ever dreamed that it would be? have you finally gotten in to shape? (haha sorry for that one :P ) Most of all though, what I really want to know is, are you happy? and if your not happy why the hell not! fix it! do whatever you have to do to make yourself happy. And I know that you've probably stoped going to church, but do me a favor and start going again ok? thanks, it means alot to me. (P.S. If this website still exists you should write yourself another email for another six years) I Love you, no matter what you have become, because I know that you sre still a great person, dont let people tell you otherwise. <3 ~Kaitlyn (me, you?) roughly every 2190 days
Go for a 30 minute walk!!! roughly every 1 day GET YOUR PERMIT! FABI IS TWO YEARS YOUNGER AND WILL HAVE IT BEFORE YOU! roughly every 4 days
Remember that you do have choices. roughly every 4 days WORKOUT roughly every 2 days
READ YOUR LIST. SET ALARM roughly every 1 day Get on my exercise bike for 20mins! roughly every 3 days
Call mom and dad. roughly every 10 days Practice Yoga roughly every 2 days
Najlepszym pocieszeniem ducha jest umocnienie pochodzące z modlitwy (›w. o. Pio, GC,s.38). roughly every 365 days quit smoking roughly every 1 day
Sing roughly every 1 day Do something fun with my family roughly every 14 days
DO YOUR AB WORKOUT roughly every 2 days kiss your boyfriend more often!!!!!!! roughly every 3 days
Update sparklypeanuts.com roughly every 3 days Buy flowers for Corona roughly every 60 days
Go for a walk tonight! roughly every 3 days Sing! roughly every 7 days
Put stuff on ebay, esty & depop roughly every 3 days call or email Zahra. roughly every 8 days
Go Jogging Do Divorce Shit CAL STATE WORK DON'T SMOKE VEGETABLES NO SUGAR TODAY roughly every 3 days Clean your oven roughly every 7 days
Living in LUGANO SOOOON :):):):) <3 roughly every 5 days Disfruta :) La vida es una bendición. roughly every 1 day
Walk at least half a mile roughly every 7 days EAT HEALTHY! FRUITS, VEGGIES, WHOLE GRAINS! NO FRIED FOODS NEEDED! roughly every 4 days
think positively roughly every 4 days FLOSS GET BABY'S PPWK DONE FOR DAYCARE START ATKINS WASH THE BEDDING STRETCH! roughly every 5 days
Clean the bathroom. roughly every 9 days study study study !!! roughly every 1 day
Stop being a dick roughly every 1 day USE SIMPLE APPRECIATION! roughly every 7 days
Read a goddamn book. roughly every 7 days Get busy livin', or get busy dyin'. roughly every 1 day
Remember to be positive, take a look at your goals and keep them in sight! roughly every 1 day Start looking for a real job. Everyone you know thinks you're too smart NOT to be in school, for god's sake, for once in your life, prove someone right. roughly every 2 days
Drink water roughly every 2 days I pretended to be somebody I wanted to be until finally I became that person. roughly every 2 days
Write, write, write... roughly every 2 days have a happy day! be nice and smile roughly every 12 days

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