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Publicly visible hassles

Below are 100 things which users of HassleMe have asked to be unpredictably reminded of. Reload the page for another 100. Warning! There may be strong language within hassles, that's just the way people are. Don't read them if that bothers you.

Run roughly every 1 day Drink water, go to AA meeting, soak my feet at night. exercise daily..and use my juicer and make carrot juice daily roughly every 1 day
DANCE! DANCE! DANCE! roughly every 7 days Are you feeling healthy? Have you stretched? roughly every 1 day
Never give up nigga!!!! roughly every 31 days check the air filters roughly every 30 days
Buying flowers for my wife roughly every 60 days Get your lazy ass to the gym. roughly every 2 days
clean the bathroom roughly every 5 days vai estudar vagabundo! roughly every 1 day
Go RUN!!!!!!!!!!! roughly every 2 days Do my homework!!!! roughly every 1 day
Write A Grateful List Eradicate(let things go) Do somethng nice for someone(s) create a list of actitives roughly every 7 days clean litter box roughly every 1 day
Stop wasting time on things that don't make a difference! What are you doing just to be busy? roughly every 1 day Turn it over and it will be ok roughly every 2 days
Love myself roughly every 6 days Go to the gym fatass- you wanna look good this summer, look at pictures of people in bathing suits yeah you suck... and brush your teeth roughly every 2 days
Eat Some Pie roughly every 30 days Be nice roughly every 5 days
Slap the person next to you(preferably to the left, if not the right shall do) roughly every 824 days walk 1 mile a day. roughly every 3 days
Go for a walk outside, you fat fuck! roughly every 2 days Do your god damn work. roughly every 1 day
Meditate and be present roughly every 1 day work out, lift weights, do cardio roughly every 1 day
invoice my clients and email my sister roughly every 5 days Never give up! roughly every 5 days
Write in diary. roughly every 4 days go for a run you unfit piece of shit roughly every 7 days
meditate roughly every 1 day You know, you signed up for this crazy hassle to be delivered to you 5 years from now... Its kind of like looking into the future, isn't it? Well, anyway, good look in 2013.. I hope things are going well between you and Kyriaelison. You know, she loves you, and you love her too. Please God, don't let it have changes. You two are happy together. If you're not with her anymore, you better still be a virgin, and you better go after her ass. You ain't gonna find another fucking girl as wonderful as she is and you know it. You love her, go after her. Did whatever cockslut you're dating now. You deserve better. roughly every 1825 days
Be Your Best Self. Relax. Breathe. Drink Water. Read. Soak up the sun. Meditate. Help Others. Be Authentic. Sleep Plenty. Dream. Travel. Love.Avoid Gluten. Take Vitamins & Supplements. Work-Out.You are what you eat.If not now, when? roughly every 2 days Start Exercising,get in shape roughly every 1 day
stop being homosexual and stop being such a pussy roughly every 1 day Defrag hard drive(s) roughly every 21 days
have sex with shane roughly every 1 day keep your goals to yourself roughly every 1 day
Get my fat ass out on a power walk. roughly every 3 days Get off my ass and go run! roughly every 3 days
Have you been going to the gym?? roughly every 2 days get to a clinic you dirty whore roughly every 1 day
Set up the family meeting, why don't you? Everybody will love you for it. Promise! roughly every 7 days Check what you're eating. Finish today as a good day and make tomorrow a great day. You'll feel better for it. roughly every 4 days
This is how bored you were the day before you turned nineteen. By the way if your in worse shape than I am right now, I'm gonna go into the future and kick your ass. roughly every 500 days go to the gym! And clean out the fridge of all the food you're wasting in the meantime! roughly every 3 days
go to the art museum roughly every 20 days Read a goddamn book. roughly every 7 days
Write to yourself! http://www.futureme.org/ roughly every 7 days Don't EVER think that other people are looking at you or THINKING about you. roughly every 15 days
Exercise. Do you think any boy will love you like this? No. Now get off your ass and work those chicken legs! roughly every 4 days write an entry in my diary roughly every 7 days
you smell like dog shiz...take a shower you low-life bastard roughly every 7 days read bible and exercise roughly every 2 days
do my school work roughly every 2 days Hey Brittany! This is you 6/14 and you are 24 years old. I am writing this to be sent nearly 3000 days in the future. Here are things that the current you want's for the future me. I'm (We're) going to do every thing in our power to achieve these goals. Happiness is first and foremost. I want to be healthy and give my girls a fair chance of being happy and healthy. Let's become vegan, vegetarian at the very least ( I know you love cheese) I want to have a job that supports my family and doesn't make me miserable everyday. I want to make my brand very successful bringing in money for more business and the girls. I will be able to communicate truthfully and openly with everyone around me. I want friends EVERYWHERE. The chance to travel around the world, if you don't have a passport by this time I am so disappointed. I know it won't be easy all the time, but smile through everything. I already know how beautiful and wonderful you are. I need you (me) to be more confident, more loving and more organized by the time you get this, now get to work I love you. roughly every 2765 days
Study: Keyboarding 2 hrs. a day roughly every 1 day How is Lærke, Camilla and Freyja doing? roughly every 18 days
You want to research, so research! You want to write, so write! roughly every 2 days Put down the remote and pick up a book for an hour or so. roughly every 6 days
Pay your bills!!! roughly every 28 days fucking exercise roughly every 2 days
Write write write; you'll never get the novel done if you don't write it, so stop feeling sorry for yourself! roughly every 2 days STAY ON TRACK. roughly every 5 days
Meditate roughly every 2 days Turn off the computer - go phone someone, read a book, exercise, watch a film, sort paperwork, clean, have a glass of water... roughly every 4 days
Learn something new. roughly every 15 days MY GOALS ARE TO BE ENCOURAGING,INSPIRING,KIND,POSITIVE,CALM SUPPORTIVE,FAIR,SMART! roughly every 5 days
Blog roughly every 3 days Stay calm, positive and focused - chill out, remember that Dale is a child and doesn't realise what he is doing, and doesn't mean to annoy you!!! roughly every 2 days
Try to give 5 surprises or "drips" per month. roughly every 7 days ARE YOU GOING TO DRINK ALL THOSE BEERS? roughly every 7 days
Have you cleaned up the basement yet!? roughly every 2 days clean the cat litter roughly every 1 day
eat right roughly every 1 day Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things roughly every 30 days
WATER THE PLANTS! roughly every 5 days STOP - Take a deep breath or three! Smile! roughly every 2 days
NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS SKINNY FEELS!!! roughly every 5 days Be grateful for all you have, be positive and think big. Just DO IT! roughly every 10 days
stop eating like shit or you'll never lose weight! roughly every 4 days Make TO DO List roughly every 2 days
Go grocery shopping! Nutrition for health/fuel to work out/save money. roughly every 6 days EAT FRUIT, Go for a run, drink water! roughly every 1 day
Go running fatty! Love, your old clothes roughly every 1 day Do stuff. roughly every 21 days
feed the turtle. or she will eat you. roughly every 2 days Date with Dave recently? roughly every 7 days
Take a breath. Be here now. roughly every 1 day Remember...Always look the truth in the eye. Don't flinch roughly every 3 days
Go to the gym roughly every 1 day stretch - it's good for you roughly every 3 days
Go work out or something! roughly every 3 days Change the furnace filter. roughly every 60 days
email family so they stop blowing up your voicemail roughly every 20 days LOLL roughly every 1 day
Look for a job!!! roughly every 1 day Love yourself and everyone around you, don't be afraid of what people think of you because you know you are awesome. And go for a walk you lazy. roughly every 7 days
My office organized and in working order. Also my home. roughly every 3 days Go to the gym roughly every 10 days

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