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Publicly visible hassles

Below are 100 things which users of HassleMe have asked to be unpredictably reminded of. Reload the page for another 100. Warning! There may be strong language within hassles, that's just the way people are. Don't read them if that bothers you.

DO YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES roughly every 2 days Pay attention to what you eat, and get out and take a walk today! roughly every 2 days
Write in the QuoteBook roughly every 5 days Go to the rec center and watch what i eat roughly every 2 days
Read and be creative! roughly every 10 days go to the gym roughly every 3 days
WRITE! Draw! Get something ready to submit. One step at a time gets you there, more than one gets you there faster. Do something for someone else. Set daily goal list & go for it! Ignore your fears, you can think about them later. Eat right, walk/exercise, drink more water. "No longer give your self to that which you want to be free from." Organize: say: 'Do I want it or the space more? Does it have anything to do with writing or art? Can someone else use it more?' YOU ARE A WRITER!!! BE WHO YOU WERE MEANT TO BE!!!!! Have fun! :0 (Quote:Madonna[para.]) roughly every 1 day Practice The Cello roughly every 2 days
driving lessons! roughly every 1 day What more could you have done today? roughly every 2 days
Live in the moment. Don't forget to love yourself instead of living just for others. Be confident, it will get you far. Work hard, live fully, be happy. Do something stupid and crazy, because, heck, you're only young once. Make people remember you fondly. Create. Make the best of each day, and just have fun! roughly every 15 days Track what I eat ?Fish ?Broccoli ?Water roughly every 2 days
What's up man. (not really a question, thus not deserving of a question mark). (was that period punctually correct?). I am the 18 year old you and you know me better than anyone, so you should be expecting what I'm about to ask you right now. Have you carved your name into history yet? If not, then WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING YOU STUPID ASSHOLE. YOU KNOW THAT YOU DON'T HAVE MUCH TIME LEFT, OR THEN IT WILL NOT BE AS PERFECT AS IT SHOULD BE. GET GOING NOW!!!!!!!!! HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN THE TRUTH? WHAT'S GOING ON HERE?!?! YOU DID NOT FAIL YET, BUT YOU'RE ON THE PATH TO FAILURE! PLEASE, FOR ME, START NOW. OR YOU'LL BE FORGOTTEN FOREVER. If the plan is going along smoothly, then good job. I am proud of you, but don't get too cocky and stop now. You probably still have a long way to go. Good luck. p.s: gmail is still alive? and how is HassleMe even alive? roughly every 3650 days Do something for your spirit. roughly every 2 days
Go for a walk roughly every 3 days Regret NOTHING roughly every 3 days
100 Casts roughly every 1 day watch harry and snowman roughly every 1 day
smile and enjoy life :) roughly every 15 days go post something on upcoming.org roughly every 3 days
Do the ironing! roughly every 7 days stop drinking roughly every 20 days
Water Inside Plants roughly every 8 days Finish writing book! roughly every 1 day
STUDYYY!! roughly every 1 day Change the kitty's litterbox roughly every 30 days
Quit being a bitch. roughly every 2 days Trzymaj się mocno i trwaj w zjednoczeniu z Bogiem, oddając Mu wszystkie twe uczucia, kłopoty, całą siebie, oczekując cierpliwie na powrót pięknego słońca aż do tej chwili, kiedy spodoba się Oblubieńcowi nawiedzić cię próbą oschło›ci, opuszczenia i ciemno›ciami ducha (›w. o. Pio, Epist. III, s. 670). roughly every 365 days
eat healthy for lunch, get some exercise and remember to be happy, someone somewhere loves me roughly every 1 day Get a job--now! roughly every 2 days
do laundry, and clean your freakin room --Love, Mother roughly every 2 days Be thankful and count your blessings (: roughly every 3 days
love your girlfriend roughly every 2 days Go to the gym and lift you skinny twig! roughly every 2 days
go running roughly every 2 days be happy!every day & do whatever you want to do. roughly every 10 days
stop roughly every 1 day dskfsofj s roughly every 1 day
MOVE UR FATNESS! GET OFF THE COUCH!!!!! DO 20 FRICKEN JUMPING JACKS!!!! roughly every 3 days run for 45 minutes roughly every 3 days
Go to the gym, re-learn Tai Chi roughly every 4 days call your brother roughly every 30 days
STOP FUCKING. roughly every 3 days 20 minutes of meditation roughly every 2 days
Run! Fatboy! Run! roughly every 1 day Its been 2 weeks. You deserve a break. Take a walk, with Lan if you can, and just relax. Enjoy life please stress can kill you. Watch tv or goto bed early. Please for your health. roughly every 14 days
change the litter box roughly every 7 days GET YOUR ASS TO THE GYM and cheer up, it aint so bad. roughly every 2 days
to save more and spend less roughly every 6 days take my vitamins roughly every 4 days
work on the F1 car roughly every 4 days Pray this Prayer aloud every day: “Thank you Lord that every bill and every debt is paid, in Jesus name! Third John two says, Above all things you wish I will prosper and be in health. You do not want me in debt. I am your child (1Jn.3:1). You love me. That is why you sent Jesus to deliver me from the curse of the law (Galatians 3:13). Your Bible says you take pleasure in my prosperity (Psalm 35:27). You are the Lord God that shows me the way to get wealth so that I may establish your covenant on this earth; so that I may expand your kingdom in this world (De.8:18). You said in your Word if I obey and serve you, I will spend my days in prosperity and my years in pleasure (Job 36:11). You promise me in Proverbs 13:22 that the wealth of the wicked is laid up for me the just! If I am willing and obedient, I will eat the good of the land (Is.1:19). The Bible says I can have whatever I say if I do not doubt it (Mk.11:23), and I say I am rich and blessed and walking in the fullness of God…that I am above only and not beneath (De.28:13)…that every bill and debt is paid…that everything I put my hand to will prosper and have good success! (Jos.1:8). I know with you Lord nothing is impossible (Mt.19:26); that there is nothing you cannot do (Lk.1:37). And I believe in my heart as I pray that you are delivering me from every debt! I bind you spirit of debt poverty off my life. I command you to loose my money and let it go! I resist you devil and you must flee. I break you off my finances right now! I declare and decree by faith that every bill and debt is paid! (Jb.22:28). In Jesus name, Amen.” roughly every 1 day
learn 10 new facts roughly every 2 days Stop eatingin the evening while watching TV and quit overeating! roughly every 1 day
Drink more water!!! roughly every 1 day practise your craft! Practise makes perfect! roughly every 5 days
get the fuck up bro roughly every 2 days Go for a run roughly every 3 days
determine what the most important piece of work is right now. roughly every 21 days Download bank statements. roughly every 60 days
DIET AND WORK OUT! roughly every 2 days Water PLANT! roughly every 4 days
stop checking your email like a slacker a do something worthwhile. roughly every 1 day 1. Write your Blog!! 2. *~And be awesome~* 3. CODE your goals!! 4. Sometimes, F**k the world!! Have you done all these? :) roughly every 5 days
Do something just for yourself!!!! roughly every 2 days floss!!!! roughly every 5 days
Go to the gym!! roughly every 7 days Play Guitar roughly every 1 day
floss dammit! roughly every 3 days Smile more roughly every 5 days
File those papers on your desk, Diane! roughly every 3 days eat healthy, work the fuck out! roughly every 5 days
Where are you on your weight goal of 50 lbs next year roughly every 10 days Don't stop, ever. roughly every 4 days
Have you practiced today? If you did, practice again! roughly every 1 day avoid sugary foods! eat fruits instead (bananas, apples, berries, grapes) roughly every 2 days
study study study..... roughly every 1 day go for walks or go on the treadmill roughly every 2 days
You are beautiful :) roughly every 1000 days STOP - Take a deep breath or three! Smile! roughly every 2 days
pay the car insurance roughly every 27 days smile : ) roughly every 3 days
Eat nothing! Exercise! Not eat! Reach goals! Lose weight! roughly every 1 day Learn, study, reflect and grow. Make a commitment today. roughly every 59 days
write a sentance roughly every 4 days ARE YOU GOING TO DRINK ALL THOSE BEERS? roughly every 7 days
spend time with grown children! roughly every 3 days go to the fucking gym fat ass! roughly every 5 days
Log in to Hotmail account to keep it active. roughly every 15 days Go to the gym and eat more fruit.Dissertation!!!!!! roughly every 1 day
EAT HEALTHY!!!! and join a gym you fatty. Only seven pounds until your goal weight. Oh and do your homework, for once! roughly every 3 days Email parents, keep in touch with siblings. roughly every 10 days
do downward facing dog in the morning! roughly every 3 days Update pupils attendance leh... roughly every 7 days
Write roughly every 2 days Gym time is the key to stop being a pushover. GET OVER IT and DO IT! roughly every 2 days
Lose weight roughly every 2 days Progress in IHSS. Haven't started working? Make 10 calls. Working? Do a great job. Bored? Do 10 things to make it better. Need to learn something? Use your resources & learn it. roughly every 1 day
Change the turtle and fish aquaria roughly every 21 days aller a la piscine roughly every 7 days

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