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Publicly visible hassles

Below are 100 things which users of HassleMe have asked to be unpredictably reminded of. Reload the page for another 100. Warning! There may be strong language within hassles, that's just the way people are. Don't read them if that bothers you.

Buy flowers or something roughly every 14 days eat right roughly every 2 days
do something you've never done before. roughly every 120 days work! roughly every 6 days
Get your fucking shit straight and do something with yourself! roughly every 7 days register for AFAA Apex roughly every 5 days
Ask the girl out roughly every 362 days wash the dishes roughly every 1 day
Write 2 pages of my Research Paper roughly every 1 day Write a short story, or a chapter in a novel. roughly every 7 days
DO WHAT IS MOST IMPORTANT NOW roughly every 1 day Take your medicine! roughly every 1 day
Post a well thought out tumblr post. roughly every 7 days schedule your papsmear!! roughly every 12 days
Love your Mems! roughly every 2 days Do Street Team Work!! roughly every 2 days
Did you work out today? roughly every 1 day Read your bible Corey! roughly every 2 days
You need to swim, or walk or stretch your body. Because you love it. roughly every 3 days dskfsofj s roughly every 1 day
call your grandmother and remind her you love her, and tell her what's great in your life right now. roughly every 8 days Are you staying organized and focused? roughly every 7 days
STUDY ANATOMY. roughly every 2 days Dear Fatty, Please go to the gym so you can feel better about yourself and start losing some weight. Thanks, Future Skinny Lady roughly every 3 days
Go to Church roughly every 14 days STAY ON MY DIET roughly every 3 days
allegra, remember to be happy...this is your life roughly every 13 days call big or tab roughly every 7 days
FUCKING DO YOUR HOMEWORK TODAY!!!!!!! DON'T FUCK EVERYTHING UP!!! roughly every 14 days buy some flowers for your girlfriend roughly every 17 days
Study Spanish for 1 hour roughly every 3 days GO RUN! roughly every 2 days
call a family member check in with 2 friends make dinner hug your husband hug your children tell them all you love them and make sure they understand it eat right exercise! roughly every 3 days get more sleep. study more. flirt less. touch more. listen to the wind. roughly every 4 days
EXERISE roughly every 3 days GO WORK OUT!!! THEN READ A BOOK!!! THEN WRITE 1 PAGE!!! roughly every 1 day
get the car serviced roughly every 60 days Smile! :) roughly every 46 days
GET OFF FACEBOOK. GO STUDY BITCH :) roughly every 2 days Write!Write!Write!!!!!! roughly every 1 day
Take some time for yourself and your inner peace. Write in a diary, read a book, take a walk, buy some flowers, clean your room, think about everything you are grateful for, write someone a letter, do yoga, take a nap, get a manicure- whatever it may be, today- love yourself. roughly every 30 days Give the pets their flea, tick, and heartworm medications. roughly every 35 days
Book some spa time roughly every 90 days EXERCISE! CREATE ART! SKETCH! SMILE, BE HAPPY. DON'T BE AFRAID TO FEEL. STOP BEING SO CYNICAL. roughly every 3 days
Go to the gym! Sign up for school, you are wasting your life. roughly every 1 day Go for a long walk. roughly every 2 days
Did you finish your 25 sit ups for the past few days - and drink water - and eat more fruits and veggies? roughly every 3 days Eat healthy and don't forget to visit the gym! You've got to treat your body right (and fit in your prom dress! ) roughly every 10 days
Go fuck yourself! roughly every 10 days Go outside to draw. DO IT. roughly every 30 days
Take your perfect puppy Keifer Elvis Monroe for a walk. Too cold huh? Knock it off bitch! Give him the life he deserves. DO IT DAMMIT!!!. So get to it! roughly every 3 days das ist nicht die sonne die untergeht, sondern die erde die sich dreht! roughly every 7 days
remember that your worth it. Drink orange juice, eat junior mints, play your guitar, get your room clean and remember the person you are, remember who you are and that your not going anywhere anytime soon. roughly every 20 days Be happy! Win contests. roughly every 5 days
clean the windows roughly every 60 days Write gooder! roughly every 1 day
5 top regrets that most terminally ill patents give. I wish I had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me. Their game plan for everybody is - your born, they let you have fun till your about 6 maybe 8, goto school, then they wipe the fun the fuck out of you. Get a job, get a wife at 30, pay your fucking taxes, save for your retirement while the bankers fuck you over for every piece of money they can get out of you for your whole life. When your 65 you retire, yippy kyay, then you get to enjoy your life, the you get a heart attack at 68, you die. I wish I hadn’t worked so hard. Your job is to not ask questions. You know what people start doing when they ask questions? They start doing things outside the rules, they start making more money, they start quitting their jobs, they start businesses and moving off shore. They start fucking multiple girls and not getting married, and not getting a house, and not paying a mortgage on a house, and paying for the fucking kids. I wish i’d had the courage to express my feelings. Once you start facing fear every day a little bit, it starts dying, and you start growing. And suddenly you become addicted to that growth. 4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends. If you tune in to what you guys really are, which is an absolutely free entity that loves learning and having fun, and being round other people and learning, if you really connected with that child self, which is all about having, you would all quit the system. I wish I had let myself be happier. You guys have to put yourself’s first in life, always, because no one else is going to put your happiness first, nobody, ever. you’re going to be waiting a long fucking time for some shit to happen, cause it’s not going to happen. Your just going to be 80 and your going to thin back to this talk and go fuck, and then you die. It’s a long wait. But that’s the disease we’ve got, we’re hoping that someone will lead us to happiness. Their’s two type of human beings, one of them goes for what he wants, and moves towards his goal, his objective. Moves towards becoming himself, becoming a man, being authentic, more honest a better person. Everyday he’s moving toward becoming amazing. The second type to person, he’s not, that’s it. Which are you? roughly every 40 days get some roughly every 45 days
finish my novel roughly every 3 days Do something nice for your husband roughly every 7 days
clean my room! roughly every 3 days Go to the gym so you don't rot away and get fat! roughly every 2 days
kiss your wife! roughly every 1 day spend time with grown children! roughly every 3 days
Eat healthy and exercise roughly every 1 day Get up off your ass and become someone. Honour and courage roughly every 1 day
Dix préceptes à considérer comme des présents des Muses [1] Les êtres inférieurs sont faits pour les êtres supérieurs, et réciproquement. Examine les hommes en détail et vois les nécessités que leur imposent leurs idées, et l'orgueil qui les anime. Si les hommes se conduisent mal, c'est par pure ignorance, sans mauvaise intention. L'irritation, l'indignation et la colère sont donc inutiles. Tu ressembles aux autres hommes : tu as commis des fautes nombreuses et ta nature humaine te dispose toujours à en commettre. Tu ne peux être sûr que les autres sont en faute puisqu'il y a beaucoup d'actes regrettables qui sont commis avec de bons motifs. Quand la colère t'anime, pense que la vie ne dure qu'un instant et que, dans quelques jours, nous serons tous dans la tombe. Ce n'est pas l'acte qui nous affecte mais l'idée qu'on s'en fait. Il faut donc supprimer l'idée qui nous met en colère. Les emportements et la douleur sont plus pénibles que les actes qui les provoquent. La bonté est invincible. Prétendre empêcher le mal fait par les méchants est de la folie puisque c'est désirer l'impossible. Mais concéder sur le mal fait aux autres est la déraison d'un tyran qui ne voit pas que ce mal l'affecte aussi. roughly every 7 days Go workout, do your homework, and read!!!!! And MotherfuckerFucker stops Smoking!!!! roughly every 1 day
exercise roughly every 4 days Make sure you go to the gym and train HAM. Make sure you read some books and acquire knowledge. Make sure you win FIFA matches. roughly every 1 day
Life goes on. Love like its the end, don't forget to breath and never look back. roughly every 7 days work out, get bitches, download shit stop swearing e mail people roughly every 3 days
Did you get your 45 in on an instrument today? Because you know its all about fingers to the fretboard and keys. If you want to be great that is ;-) roughly every 1 day Ivy you are on a spending freeze! No more clothing shopping, shoes, make-up (or facial products aka Sephora) No more sugar/carbs past breakfast. You are special! See yourself through God's lens. Give more money and time away, look for opportunities to help people, love and to serve. roughly every 1 day
study hard u dumbass!! exams r here roughly every 2 days Find 10 new things to be grateful for. Write it by hand, then gratitude log, then Oasis/Blisscipline. roughly every 1 day
pay the bills! roughly every 15 days STOP SMOKING!! roughly every 5 days
Work out and eat right roughly every 5 days Vacuum the house already! roughly every 21 days
Work hard, live strong. Remember: "Being a professional means doing your job on the days you don't feel like it." roughly every 1 day Count your points!! roughly every 1 day
Be kind to dish soap, and remember to feed the cats. roughly every 1 day Pick up those pipes and practice! roughly every 3 days
Run, core and or workout. Our personal imperfections are not going to change themselves. roughly every 1 day Quit Smoking Now!!! You Don't Need A Cigarette, You'll Be Fine. You WANT to QUIT!!!!!!!! roughly every 1 day
doing your piano lessons roughly every 5 days Work out roughly every 2 days
Put money into Savings account! roughly every 14 days STOP FUCKING. roughly every 3 days
practice the piano roughly every 4 days DRINK WATER roughly every 3 days
WORSHIP MORTIMER roughly every 9 days Call a family member roughly every 7 days
to remember i am surrounded by people who love me, and will make it through tomorrow. life is not a checklist. roughly every 6 days So you're at college living with two girls you barely know, get out and do something completely crazy today. No one is there to judge you (complete strangers dont care what you do!) Get dressed up for class, wear those heels you've been hiding. Do your hair special today (because you do you hair everyday.) Be the hottie in the supermarket, find a boyfriend!! Do something that would make your room mates jealous, something you have never done before. I guess it doesnt really matter what you do today, you just have to do something today. Make it special:) roughly every 15 days
WRITE!! roughly every 2 days do 20 sit ups roughly every 1 day

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