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Go on an adventure. Right now. I'm not even kidding, right now. roughly every 7 days make an effort to find peace. Find the basic goodness in your life and let fear pass through. Live by the Xartus. roughly every 1 day
stay quit, stay alive, do it for him roughly every 7 days Do sit-ups, and leg workout roughly every 7 days
Get myself some companionship from http://www.gentlemens-elite-club.com/ Its not like all the other escort services out there, but instead provides a real experience. Twice a month is about right and keeps me feeling my best. Also eat more raw vegies and do my morning exercise and breathing, every day. roughly every 10 days Run Today BECAUSE YOU ARE ONLY GAINING WEIGHT AND IT MAKES YOU SAD. FATTY, SHAPE UP! LOVE YOURSELF. DONT FORGET THIS roughly every 3 days
Run, Run, Run. Look like Rene Zelwegger in that form fitting dress you love. roughly every 1 day write your novel roughly every 6 days
Exercise or die. It's that simple. roughly every 1 day find something to keep you occupied roughly every 2 days
je choisis de créer plus d’amour dans ma vie, même si une partie de moi est convaincue que je ne le mérite pas roughly every 2 days "Gratitude is our most direct line to God and the angels. If we take the time, no matter how crazy and troubled we feel, we can find something to be thankful for." Terry Lynn Taylor roughly every 20 days
Thank God for Jill's recovery and for the outcome of your court case! roughly every 1 day Go to the Gym fatass!....and study. roughly every 3 days
je choisis de créer plus d’abondances, même si une partie de moi est convaincue que je ne le mérite pas. roughly every 2 days Save money!!!! roughly every 1 day
Today you MUST go for a nice walk! roughly every 4 days Go to the gym and eat more fruit.Dissertation!!!!!! roughly every 1 day
EAT FRUIT, YOU FUCKER roughly every 3 days Write An Entry In My Journal roughly every 4 days
not get stressed out over things that won't mater 20 years from now roughly every 7 days Get that sexy body you deserve! You are going to be soooo HOTT!! Love ~Your smokin' bikini xoxo PS: CARDIO YOUR HEART OUT!! roughly every 1 day
Make an introduction today! roughly every 3 days Work on the Innocence Project roughly every 3 days
lift those legs! roughly every 3 days Take 5 deep breaths and relax. Everything is going to turn out fine, don't worry yourself. The future is coming no matter what, so why don't you submit to the changes already! roughly every 10 days
Work out roughly every 5 days work on your new tattoo design roughly every 20 days
ddd roughly every 1 day bring gratitude to mind for at least three things. roughly every 1 day
Go to the gym and lose that ugly weight your gaining roughly every 3 days Give blood roughly every 30 days
VEHICLE INSPECTIONS DUE! roughly every 100 days get gabby's birthday present of fruit loops! and her full address roughly every 4 days
Quit smoking,lose weight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! roughly every 2 days enjoy being a multimillionaire roughly every 7 days
walk 2 miles! roughly every 1 day delete one design from Zazzle roughly every 360 days
Read a new book. Study 5 new bible verse(b,c,V) learn 5 new words,meaning roughly every 14 days Write more on your blog, lazy!! roughly every 2 days
Hi Danielle! This is 21-year-old Danielle. 21-year-old Danielle has high expectations and lofty goals for you. I hope you've been to Morocco (you promised Sarah Lukacher and Katie Knoll that you would by last year), completed your MFA somewhere kickass, and worked in the education department of a kickass museum. Also, you better be have lost the rest of that freshman 32 by now. And gone vegan. And live/lived somewhere un-Florida and un-ridiculously boring. I think it's reasonable to believe that you/I were able to achieve all of those things in the past 10 years. Cheerio, Danielle. P.S. Can you imagine the time philosophies that we're crossing right now? Thinking of Blake Geraci and the grandfather paradox... roughly every 3650 days When was the last time you went for a run? roughly every 3 days
write something, whatever. Don't ask what, just write. roughly every 2 days WORK ON YOUR SKILLS...GET BETTER ON WHAT YOU NO YOU NEED TO WORK ON(P.S. DONT GO OVER YOUR TEXTING LIMIT) REMEMBR $.25 CENTS TOO MUCH $ PARENTS... roughly every 20 days
Do your homework! roughly every 2 days take your vitamins and iron roughly every 2 days
fancy a bum? XD roughly every 1 day Lose weight and get a job. don't forget chocolate is not your friend.. roughly every 2 days
Do 1 thing to unclutter my house - especially the sewing room I want!! roughly every 3 days LOSE WEIGHT roughly every 5 days
LOOK UP NEW BANDS AND SONGS! roughly every 2 days back up emails roughly every 3 days
Work out roughly every 2 days Hey you. Remember me? Long time ago huh? Ten years. You were fifteen. You hated yourself and you cut up your shoulder frequently. You wanted to be a boy with a dick and a flat chest, and marry Emily Robbins. You lost your virginity to that girl. You lied and stole. You went by the name Jack, and you lived with Amanda Wright (Zayne), Your sister and mom and dad. How are things now though? Do you still love your camera? And did you eventually get into college and on a tattoo apprenticeship? What about the sca and cosplay? I expect full answers from you mister/miss! You just dropped out of highschool by the way. Dumbass. Work hard and fix it, kay? Things you're fussing with now are homestuck, HiNaBN (Did it ever come back?), roomate and pets. Six of them. Milkshake, Spots, Calypso, Tillamook, Zeus, and Lucky. Spots has an ulser in her eye right now. You love your friends, but wish you knew them better. In two weeks, you're going away from your parents for a month to visit califonia with Emma. You're really fucking nervous. You want to get on testosterone soon, and eventually want top surgery. Did you get it? Are you breathing? Living? What ARE you doing right now? You sleep on a bunk bed right now with Zayne (Whom you hate, and there's little self motivation notes scribbled all over the underside. You like to Tell Emily that you love her to the moon and back again, and around the stars and back again. You've had sudo relationships with Gabreiel, Kat (Eri), and Caz. You're still friends with the two girls. Where are you living right now? How are the gass prices? Who's president? Are you even still in the USA? Love yourself bro... Really. Someone's gotta. 5/29/12 2:50am roughly every 3650 days
Buy flowers for Elly. roughly every 30 days walk roughly every 3 days
clean my room! roughly every 3 days Log my food on sparkpeople roughly every 1 day
meditate roughly every 1 day Be grateful! roughly every 21 days
Save $ to move out ank keep posiyive! roughly every 4 days Go drink some water! roughly every 3 days
clean fish tank roughly every 30 days Write pending articles for BI&T roughly every 20 days
if you want it, you have to work for it roughly every 4 days Body roughly every 1 day
Go for a walk! roughly every 3 days go for walks or go on the treadmill roughly every 2 days
I love you! You are beautiful, amazing, talented, and incredible at everything you do! roughly every 200 days Spend 1 hour working on website roughly every 1 day
Do Something can make anyone happy!! roughly every 5 days Go for a walk or run for 45 minutes to an hour. roughly every 1 day
Post some entries roughly every 5 days Go to the GYM! roughly every 3 days
P90x!!! Don't be a slacker roughly every 1 day do push-ups roughly every 2 days
Clean the bathrooms. roughly every 15 days Pray, Oscar pray! roughly every 2 days
go to the gym, study and do hw roughly every 2 days get file cabinets or something I can file things in, and start filing stuff in categories, like maps, bluegreen, gardening, sewing, etc. roughly every 5 days
just love roughly every 5 days Clear off my desk roughly every 2 days
GO TO THE GYM roughly every 3 days Time for a haircut, maybe? roughly every 45 days
Say something GOOD or POSITIVE about yourself! roughly every 2 days Go work out already! roughly every 5 days
be happy, your young and you have the power to change anything you don't like exercise.laugh.smile.do your work.go out.take walks.find music. make friends. dont be shyyy roughly every 3 days Eat healthy. A moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips. Fat, more pimples, love handles, gushy. Toned, fit, tan, defined, curvaceous, boobs. Which one do you like better? Go for a run. Go to the gym. roughly every 1 day
Touch Alina's vagina and satisfy her sexually. roughly every 4 days Call/Talk to friends roughly every 20 days
Just remember, life is good and confidence wins every time so use it more often. roughly every 6 days Stop being so hard on yourself, shake off the crap in your head and have a good time. You deserve to be happy Jeremy roughly every 2 days
The fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. Open your heart. You will survive. roughly every 45 days Send mum a present to cheer her up roughly every 70 days
GO TO THE GYM, you lazy fuck! Bring something to read. roughly every 2 days Remember to write your book! roughly every 10 days
do my laundry roughly every 3 days to measure the progress of my goals roughly every 7 days