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Publicly visible hassles

Below are 100 things which users of HassleMe have asked to be unpredictably reminded of. Reload the page for another 100. Warning! There may be strong language within hassles, that's just the way people are. Don't read them if that bothers you.

Work hard, live strong. Remember: "Being a professional means doing your job on the days you don't feel like it." roughly every 1 day Remember this? Don't forget to go to grad school, find yourself a nice lady, and make something of your life. Just be happy :) roughly every 834 days
Do your fucking homework. roughly every 3 days Think about a new job roughly every 20 days
Do your homework. Go workout. Drink a glass of water. Stop talking so much. Paint your nails. Do some laundry. Take care of the animals. Clean your room. roughly every 4 days Get out into nature!!! roughly every 7 days
HAVE A POSITIVE ATTITUDE roughly every 1 day Watch Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability on TED Talks roughly every 10 days
DRINK MORE WATER. roughly every 1 day Watch my blood sugar. Exercise. Love on my family - from your friend Dave Clark roughly every 4 days
Clean the catbox roughly every 5 days Go to the fucking gym! roughly every 2 days
The great use of life is to spend it on something that will outlast it." roughly every 15 days Exercise, you lazy thing! roughly every 3 days
Engage!! Read a Trek Academy lesson & journal/implement! http://www.trekacademy.com/viewManagement.asp roughly every 3 days make today a little easier and a little happier for at least one person today roughly every 17 days
llamar a mis abuelitas roughly every 4 days Drink water roughly every 2 days
Go to the gym! roughly every 3 days breathe, eat and bathe. and possibly brush your teeth roughly every 1000 days
Brush Your Teeth Extra Times throughout the Day! roughly every 1 day Kiss Daphne! roughly every 20 days
live ur live roughly every 1 day clean up write in my journal find hobbies roughly every 3 days
Donate Now roughly every 30 days ir al gim i comer bien roughly every 4 days
Do check your bank balances.... roughly every 7 days PRAY & SPEND TIME WITH GOD!!! EAT FRUIT! STAY HEALTHY! GO TO SLEEP BEFORE 12! roughly every 7 days
PAY rent roughly every 20 days Only think about ONE thing at A time. No music background no ''correlations'' no thoughts speeding like trains!! roughly every 3 days
Go to the gym you fat out of shape little pansy.... 2. Eat 3 meals a day 3. Get Gingko 4. Find a PT internship 5. Study the GRE roughly every 2 days go to an osteopath roughly every 1 day
WORK OUT roughly every 4 days call dad roughly every 1 day
keep on my diet cause I want to look good in a wedding dress. roughly every 5 days Haha! stop lazying around on your kindle and work on skills. roughly every 1 day
Go to the damn gym! You are going to get old and fat if you don't. roughly every 3 days write some essay! roughly every 1 day
Smile, Your Beautiful <3 roughly every 4 days gfdgdfgsdfsdf roughly every 1 day
start MBE Process for Ms Kendal roughly every 4 days Don't let what you cannot do intefere with what you can do. roughly every 30 days
Get married to Lauren Meeker : ) roughly every 2 days Go get on the Rebounder and play Katamari Damacy. You KNOW you will have fun bouncing and dancing and it will count as your exercise for today! roughly every 2 days
Suck a big black Dick roughly every 1 day do the frigging dishes so there isn't an ant invasion roughly every 2 days
CLEAN YOUR ROOM GIRL! roughly every 4 days Save the world! Go to school. Stop loafing and drinking and smoking so much pot. roughly every 10 days
Don't eat junk food. roughly every 1 day Get Your Big Beautiful Butt to the GYM and Work it Hard! roughly every 2 days
Try write in plain english (http://www.plainenglish.co.uk/guides.html) roughly every 2 days Meditate EveryDay! roughly every 5 days
do something a little special for Matt roughly every 10 days Cheer yourself up by going for a run roughly every 1 day
not fucking smoke!!! no fucking cigs..ever your done smoking. its bad for you. you cant run as much, slows me down in bed, and makes me lazy. no smoking fucker roughly every 1 day stay on top of new material and textbook readings. even though bitches want your dick, get straight a's, and you will be set. roughly every 3 days
do 30 pushups roughly every 2 days GET UP AND EXERCISE! roughly every 2 days
don't forget hassleme.co.uk roughly every 365 days VACCUMM the MATTRESSES!!!!!!!! roughly every 20 days
yoga yoga and meditate meditate meditate art art art writing writing writing and you love the garden stop kidding yourself it is a chore Stop ripping yourself off silly roughly every 2 days Do some dishes bitch! roughly every 7 days
Remember where all the Bs are on the guitar fretboard! roughly every 2 days Read something productive!!! roughly every 4 days
Eat fresh veg, exercise, study ~ get off the computer!, breathe deeply, drink a glass of water. roughly every 3 days Do Thapas for 1 hour everyday roughly every 15 days
sing, dance, talk n laugh!! roughly every 1 day manage your time exercises roughly every 5 days
Communicate with my kids roughly every 2 days STAY POSITIVE!! RASING TEENAGERS IS SO HARD!! DON'T SWEAT THE SMALL THINGS IN LIFE. roughly every 2 days
Call mother roughly every 2 days Go see your grandparents roughly every 60 days
buy something nice for Mum roughly every 70 days eat less and move more,walking ,biking and dancing roughly every 12 days
Do one of these : http://www.problogger.net/31-days/ roughly every 5 days EXCERSIZE BITCH! roughly every 2 days
http://blog.sayit.mysociety.org/ roughly every 2 days Do one thing today to obsolete yourself roughly every 4 days
spend some quality "me time" roughly every 3 days It's 17 year old you. Remember StumbleUpon? And the HassleMe you stumbled across? Well, here it is coming back to you. How are you? Did you ever get to go to London in August 2012 like you wanted? How was the One Direction concert on December 3, 2012? Did you ever meet the boys? Did they say you were lovely? Was it all you ever hoped for? Do you still even like One Direction? Are you on to a new obsession? How was your first year of college? Did you make new friends? A boyfriend? Anything special? xx roughly every 365 days
Stop being so hard on yourself, shake off the crap in your head and have a good time. You deserve to be happy Jeremy roughly every 2 days Remember...Always look the truth in the eye. Don't flinch roughly every 3 days
Not take it out on family! roughly every 14 days be good to the ones you love you never know when the last words to them will be or when the last time you will see them life is precious treat others as you would want to be treated roughly every 1 day
Clean my ears, up, down, and inside. roughly every 1 day Practice the Violin for it is your livelihood and no one will do it but you...youve squandered too much time already. roughly every 1 day
sit and be still for 5 minuets... roughly every 7 days Call Jenn roughly every 30 days
Wiem, że Bóg pozwala szatanowi na te ataki, aby Boże miłosierdzie uczyniło was drogimi Mu. Chce również, aby›cie upodabniały się do Jezusa w udrękach pustyni, Ogrodu Oliwnego i krzyża. Powinni›cie jednak bronić się przed szatanem, odpędzając go i gardząc jego zło›liwymi podszeptami w imię Boga i ›więtego posłuszeństwa (›w. o. Pio, Epist. III, s. 584). roughly every 365 days Jon says, "You're a towel!!!" roughly every 4 days
go for a run roughly every 3 days STOP FAPPING and WORK OUT do NOT disappoint me roughly every 1 day
love my fiance! roughly every 7 days Do at least 1 lesson for each course roughly every 1 day
plan your hikes! and be actively hiking. roughly every 20 days Be Creative Dress Nice Eat Healthy Make Friends Be Nice Don't Doubt Listen to Music Play Guitar Work Out Calm Down Try Something New roughly every 7 days
Eat right, work out, lose weight!! roughly every 2 days CLEAN THE LITTER BOX. DO YOUR FUCKING LAUNDRY roughly every 1 day
Say hello and have a conversation with someone you haven't talked to in awhile. roughly every 21 days Be constantly vigilant. roughly every 3 days

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