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Below are 100 things which users of HassleMe have asked to be unpredictably reminded of. Reload the page for another 100. Warning! There may be strong language within hassles, that's just the way people are. Don't read them if that bothers you.

Have you spent time with God today? Have you worked out? You are worth it so put everything into it!!! roughly every 2 days Go for an hr walk or do strength training. roughly every 2 days
go do yoga roughly every 1 day Tell someone how much you appreciate them with a personal recognition message at home or at work roughly every 10 days
GO FOR A RUN! roughly every 1 day do downward facing dog in the morning! roughly every 3 days
Do 25 sit ups roughly every 1 day Cardio!!! roughly every 2 days
SMILE!!! roughly every 3650 days Get a job--now! roughly every 2 days
Call or text cea roughly every 1 day Get off your FAT ASS and WORK OUT!!!!! roughly every 3 days
To do some Art! roughly every 30 days Hey Kaitlyn; this is you, from the past, dont freak out lol i wrote this when I (we?) was 17 from this "hassle me" website that I found on "stumbleupon". I dont really know what to say, are you still really bad with your words? Tell me, have you had your first kiss yet? do you have a boyfriend? husband? What was university like? where did you end up going? do you still live in canada? or have you gone to some place warm? did you ever go back to Wales? are you planning to? have you/are you travelling lots? Hows your career going? did you make it? who are you working with? what are you working on? is it everything that you had ever dreamed that it would be? have you finally gotten in to shape? (haha sorry for that one :P ) Most of all though, what I really want to know is, are you happy? and if your not happy why the hell not! fix it! do whatever you have to do to make yourself happy. And I know that you've probably stoped going to church, but do me a favor and start going again ok? thanks, it means alot to me. (P.S. If this website still exists you should write yourself another email for another six years) I Love you, no matter what you have become, because I know that you sre still a great person, dont let people tell you otherwise. <3 ~Kaitlyn (me, you?) roughly every 2190 days
Drink a glass of water. roughly every 1 day "To describe a problem is part of the solution. This implies: not to make creative decisions as promoted by feeling but by intellectual criteria. The more exact and complete these criteria are, the more create the work becomes. The creative process is to be reduced to an act of selection. Designing means: to pick out determining elements and combining them." Karl Gerstner roughly every 7 days
Do a 1-minute plank today. No excuses. roughly every 3 days meditate roughly every 1 day
E-mail your dad. roughly every 7 days just do something roughly every 1 day
Sign up for Achilles Dog Training, Walk him, Play.... roughly every 2 days Send a card to someone you love. roughly every 7 days
Work out, get to the gymn roughly every 14 days Do a blog post! roughly every 3 days
Stop nagging your daughter... she can find ways to be just as annoying roughly every 1 day Haircut roughly every 40 days
Drink at least 2 litres per day (water not wine!) & NO BAD SNACKING! roughly every 1 day DONT spend money uncessarily...REMEMBER you still have to pay (350) rent, (80) phone, and you want too save up too move out, go to school and get a car. WORKOUT at least 30 every other day roughly every 3 days
eat less and move more,walking ,biking and dancing roughly every 12 days WORK OUT roughly every 3 days
Money can't buy happiness, it buys luxury and comfort. 2 things you value highly. Keep your coins boo. Pay you first. I love you!!! roughly every 3 days Get tickets to a movie, concert, ballgame, or show roughly every 28 days
is it a new year yet? roughly every 365 days Update your CV roughly every 180 days
"The man who insists upon seeing with perfect clearness before he decides, never decides. Accept life, and you must accept regret." roughly every 23 days Love myself and to stop worrying about being stupid. roughly every 7 days
Write a blog post, just start writing. You know you love it. Ready, go! - and don't stop until you hit publish - roughly every 1 day Defrag hard drive(s) roughly every 21 days
be grateful to be ALIVE!!! roughly every 7 days Spend an hour cleaning! Do the dishes! roughly every 2 days
Read and update your goals. They are in Evernote. Do it now. Now. roughly every 1 day Work Out roughly every 2 days
Jordan loves you roughly every 1 day What more could you have done today? roughly every 2 days
shower roughly every 2 days excersize roughly every 6 days
journal roughly every 2 days Sweat it out Don't give up roughly every 1 day
Read a goddamn book. roughly every 7 days Get my shit together roughly every 2 days
Plan in decades. Think in years. Work in months. Live in days. roughly every 1 day Remember my daughter loves me bunches! roughly every 4 days
Get off your ass! roughly every 1 day take deep breaths, pray roughly every 1 day
Acquire Currency. roughly every 9 days Watch your reactivity, and the chaotic jumping around of your mind. roughly every 3 days
Go for a walk. roughly every 2 days Work on The FREAKIN Novel!!!! Dream the story. Write What You See! roughly every 6 days
Investigate something awesome you could do with your life. Go. roughly every 12 days EXCERCISE!!! roughly every 2 days
Get your butt to the gym and do something!! roughly every 2 days pay back any money you owe to anyone roughly every 6 days
Look back on the past few years and enjoy what you saw. Now look forward and remember that you never want to be this person again. Don't forget how "b" changed you, but don't lead him on. You will love your 18th birthday party on Saturday the 14th, so enjoy every minute of it. If you don't get LIT this summer, get a good paying job and spend the rest of the time with your friends. They are going to college in a few months. It'll suck, but it'll be ok. Don't let your fear of flying stop you from seeing the world. Get your license! Tell a boy you love them and mean it, don't just say it because you feel bad. And most imporatantly, live each day a little bit better, love someone new tomorrow, and laugh a little bit longer next time. Life is too short to keep watching from the sidelines. roughly every 500 days practice the piano roughly every 3 days
TAKE THE TIME WITH YOUR SIS, JUST THE TWO OF YOU roughly every 5 days Guess who, gorgeous =) That's right. It's YOU! The you of the past. I suppose I'll start with a general life update: I'm 14. Apollo is 9 weeks old and ridiculously cute, even though he loves to chew on everything and keep me up at night. I've been writing poetry and drawing things and trying to be a better person. I have all B's in school (or at least I will, once I get these last English and History assignments in) which is rather disappointing. Terrah is God knows where and I think I've finally stopped missing her. Kristen is really close to getting her permit and I'm crazy happy for her. Katie and Seth are a cute couple and I will be pissed if they've broken up by the time you read this. I really hope Matt Smith isn't a part of your life anymore. I think I'm pretty much over it, but sometimes...anyways, yeah, I hope you're less pathetic. I am getting paid fifteen bucks an hour to tutor... you sure as hell better have a good job, missy. I also hope that you can draw like Todd Lockwood and have the body of a supermodel, but I'm not gonna get my hopes up. Go hug your mom. She's awesome. The Japan Tsunami/earthquakes/nuclear crisis JUST happened, like, a month ago. That's kind of a big deal. Dad just paid $4.29 for regular gasoline in Carlsbad. I love anything written by E.E.Knight and I can't wait for the Hunger Games and Temeraire movies to come out. Elizabeth Taylor just died. We just bombed Libya. Last weekend was movie night and a trip to the snow :D it was fuuuuun. While writing this, I was eating spray cheese on saltine crackers. Ubiquitous is a really good word. Jo is the best person ever... probably. Did Jules Larson make it big time? Have we done anything about global warming? WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO LIBYA?! Did you ever take a proper art class? Have you met the guy of your dreams yet? I've been having lots of lucid dreams lately... is that still going on? Have you written that book yet? WELL, WHY THE HELL NOT?! Sit down and write something RIGHT NOW. You have time, obviously, or you wouldn't be sitting here reading this. Draw something, too, preferably a dragon. A really cool one. BREATHING FIRE. With a hot chick on his back. Yeah. THAT is art. Are you in college? Are you still a ninja? Did you ever get the glasses you need? WHERE ARE YOUR YELLOW SUNGLASSES? Anyways. Will write a better letter later. Hasta, sexy ;) roughly every 2456 days
wash the dishes roughly every 1 day Make 5 phone calls roughly every 1 day
Go to the damn gym! You are going to get old and fat if you don't. roughly every 3 days exercise, you fatty roughly every 4 days
fucking be happy smile as much as possible and never let anything get in your way of your happiness roughly every 2 days So...How many push-ups have you done lately? Whats the point of quitting smoking if your not gonna get in shape. roughly every 7 days
Clean out your car! roughly every 7 days Stop being a fat little bitch. roughly every 1 day
eat fruits and vegetables roughly every 5 days to love yourself. you're an amazing person alice! roughly every 15 days
Eat fruit! roughly every 2 days Smile. Go to fido , get a latte and a pC muffin and a poetry book and love your life roughly every 14 days
For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. roughly every 21 days Walk at least half a mile roughly every 7 days
Slow down and enjoy life! roughly every 10 days eat healthy food, drink less and exercise. Also get some more script work done now. roughly every 3 days
Go To The Gym. Text Mary. Stop thinking about him. Stop thinking about the past. Improve your life. Seriously, you may not feel like doing anything right now but you will regret this later. Your heart is fucking broken but it is not okay to just sit around and pretend nothing is happening. roughly every 50 days Stop playing your video game. Get up, eat, go pee, take a shower and sleep for a couple hours. Then go back to playing video games. roughly every 1 day
! roughly every 1 day Clean the kitchen roughly every 7 days
expect the best. roughly every 3 days NOT eat a double cheeseburger!! Let's get the middle a bit little. roughly every 2 days
Go to the gym NOW! You will feel SO much better! NO excuses! GO!! roughly every 1 day look for some fucking jobs for fucks sake! roughly every 2 days
Call someone I have not spoken to in a while roughly every 1 day There is no work/life balance. Working is living as much as breathing. There is honour in work. Take pride in work. Work relationships are real relationships. This is special, this has meaning, because it is yours. roughly every 40 days
Turn down for what! roughly every 1 day DO A SCHOLARSHIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! roughly every 4 days
Get your income tax done already! roughly every 2 days Focus on your marriage. roughly every 45 days
BACK UP DEM PHOTOS FOOL! roughly every 30 days Go out and run roughly every 7 days

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