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Publicly visible hassles

Below are 100 things which users of HassleMe have asked to be unpredictably reminded of. Reload the page for another 100. Warning! There may be strong language within hassles, that's just the way people are. Don't read them if that bothers you.

write!! roughly every 3 days Walk for 30 minutes. Go to gym for 1 hour. Drink 4 cups of water a day. Read outside for 1 hour. Eat a small lunch and snack lightly. Limit your cigarettes to 5-6 a day. Be happy to be alive and know that you will always make it through the toughest of situations. roughly every 2 days
The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it. roughly every 60 days go to gym roughly every 2 days
Finish an article? roughly every 7 days LIVE MY LIFE. not mope around. get things done, organize stuff! clean the house. make my room brighter. walk lucky!! roughly every 2 days
Kiss your husband ;) roughly every 1 day HASSSLE. how is you man? :) disappointed if your single. roughly every 2920 days
Do your ab workout. roughly every 2 days I am peaceful and enjoy everything that I do. roughly every 2 days
Empty old food, veggies, open cans and jars from the fridge. Either cook with them today, or throw it OUT!!! I'm serious, Throw it away, or it will just get nastier before next week!!! roughly every 5 days practice shaolin roughly every 2 days
Phone Etienne and find out what he is up to roughly every 60 days Hey me from 6 months ago, how's it going? Are you still being productive? have you gone for a run lately? have you said hello to that random stranger on the street yet? are you still chasing after that one boy who you know probably really doesn't love you? Seriously, move on girl. But let's get real. You set up some goals for yourself in the past and I'm expecting you to fufill them by now. I need results here, no more of this bad grades and lazy ass bullshit. don't go take a nap, go for a quick jog or some shit. Call up some old friends and go see a movie or something. Finish your homework or get a head start on the bio notes you love oh so much. Please, just promise me that you're working harder. i know you're capable of so much more, so prove it. roughly every 183 days
pay your bills today... roughly every 8 days Drink 500ml of water right now! roughly every 4 days
Live Sustainably roughly every 3 days Make Good Decisions! Get Good Grades! Tell your Mother how much you love her :) roughly every 4 days
Practice my Music roughly every 1 day say "hehyadin" roughly every 25 days
seu up teachers phonw #'s and emails in me phone roughly every 3 days WALK!!! roughly every 2 days
Work out, lazy. roughly every 2 days Plan your bulletproofness roughly every 1 day
NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS SKINNY FEELS!!! roughly every 5 days If you feel peckish, drink a big glass of water. You don't need to stuff your face. You're probably just thirsty. You can do this! You want to be healthier. roughly every 3 days
play guitar,quit smoking, go to gym mon wed thur sat, read, love kids, get kp work done roughly every 2 days Remember its an illusion, breathe deeply, focus on love, move forward, send out happiness, laugh at something, be thankful for at least 3 things, and relax and know it all works out how its supposed to work out. roughly every 3 days
Get off my fat ass and go to the gym roughly every 3 days exercise roughly every 1 day
Put some pizazz in your hair. Color streaks don't hurt! roughly every 18 days Start recruiting for operation "overthrow". roughly every 180 days
Check fluids and backup data! roughly every 7 days watch one Ted Talk a week. roughly every 5 days
Smile and remember your loved :) roughly every 1 day Do something as a family. Something nice :) roughly every 3 days
Journal your adventures! roughly every 2 days exercise, clean house roughly every 1 day
Do your homework!! roughly every 1 day I am a magnet for money! Imagine receiving unexpected checks in the mail. Imagine money popping into your life from endless directions - all completely easy and effortless. Imagine laughing and feeling so inspired and happy because money keeps finding its way to you. Then, as you go about your day, intend that it's really happening. "Money is flowing to me like crazy today" - keep saying it and know that it's true. Before long, you'll see the proof! roughly every 1 day
Eat healthy cause girls aren't going like you and Boni will take your spot roughly every 3 days drink at least 2L of water 20 minute jog/taeboe. roughly every 1 day
Exercise, you lazy fatass. roughly every 1 day take a photograph! roughly every 1 day
Check your finances roughly every 7 days Remind Yasha for 10 year reunion roughly every 28 days
Call Grandma. Its good for you both. roughly every 30 days balance checkbooks roughly every 2 days
call Mom! roughly every 4 days go to an osteopath roughly every 1 day
Hi Future Me! roughly every 1000 days Hip vs. hipster: The hipster thinks being un-hip is cool. In striving for total squareness, the hipster often dresses like an old man: scraggly beard, thick-framed glasses and a straw hat. He spends most of his time desperately trying to avoid being a cliche and in doing so becomes one. He thinks being cool is not cool. Therefore, he is not cool. The hipster is in a perpetual state of trying to escape himself for fear that he might be tagged a “hipster.” He re-invents himself one Carpenters album at a time. Hip is eternal, immutable and undeniable. If you were truly hip in the 1960s, you’re still hip. Hip is cool but not ironic. When you see it, you know it, you want to be it. Who wouldn’t have wanted to be Mick Jagger in his twenties? Who wants to be Bon Iver? Little known fact: Hip people appear to be anywhere from nine to eleven inches taller than they actually are. While hipness is eternal, maybe the days of hip are over. It’s kind of sad when the hippest living person I can think of is in his seventies, Bob Dylan. Maybe Iggy’s still hip. Jagger certainly ain’t, which signifies that a person can be eternally hip at one point in his life and not at another. Young Jagger = eternally hip. Old Jagger = not hip. roughly every 10 days
call the aunts & cousins... roughly every 7 days to love yourself. you're an amazing person alice! roughly every 15 days
Before you go to bed, take five minutes to do an “evening tidy-up.” Don’t tackle anything ambitious, but just stack up the magazines, put your shoes away, shove the chairs into place, etc. Just a few minutes of tidying can make your house look a lot better, and it’s a calming thing to do before going to sleep. Plus it makes the morning nicer. roughly every 1 day Go work out or something! roughly every 3 days
Take the next step for your trip to Nigeria... roughly every 14 days Call your mother roughly every 6 days
dskfsofj s roughly every 1 day Be the change you want to see in the world. roughly every 2 days
love yourself first, or nobody else will. roughly every 90 days do my laundry roughly every 7 days
Wash the filter in the Dyson roughly every 30 days Be the best person you can be! Read! Exercise! Get off the computer! Make dinner for the family! roughly every 3 days
go to the gym! And clean out the fridge of all the food you're wasting in the meantime! roughly every 3 days GO TO THE GYM! roughly every 4 days
Write in journal every 3 days!! roughly every 3 days write a letter to chad roughly every 5 days
Love life! roughly every 20 days go for a walk and remember to breathe damnit. roughly every 4 days
Finally start a journal- have someone drive me to go get a journal. roughly every 3 days Have you blogged today? THEN DO IT! roughly every 3 days
Eat more fruit, drink more water, do some sit ups, get to bed at a better time, write the blog! roughly every 2 days walk nitwit, walk a mile in your own shoes roughly every 3 days
obsolete yourself roughly every 7 days tickle the local babies roughly every 1 day
Smile, The world is wonderful!!!!! roughly every 2 days FUNCTION roughly every 4 days
Branch out. Change direction. Meet new people. Let go of old ones and ways and places and things and find the new. roughly every 16 days Only think about ONE thing at A time. No music background no ''correlations'' no thoughts speeding like trains!! roughly every 3 days
Write down what I eat. roughly every 4 days write penpal roughly every 14 days
Enjoy life, be kind and be happy roughly every 1 day Pearl S. Buck: "Growth itself contains the germ of happiness." roughly every 50 days
Eat healthy and hit the gym! roughly every 7 days Work to finish 3 planned items daily! roughly every 3 days
How can you be more present? roughly every 6 days FLOSS GET BABY'S PPWK DONE FOR DAYCARE START ATKINS WASH THE BEDDING STRETCH! roughly every 5 days
trezesteeeeee roughly every 5 days eat a banana roughly every 2 days
Quit worrying!!! roughly every 3 days Write in my diary roughly every 1 day
Get a haircut roughly every 45 days Book some spa time roughly every 90 days
PAY YOUR BILLS roughly every 7 days Man,go do something nice for a change ! roughly every 7 days
write in journal roughly every 3 days work out you fatty exercise that gut roughly every 1 day
Get rid of more paper right now! roughly every 5 days How's the workout going? Good I hope, don't party and get into trouble. Do good in school you are worth it! roughly every 7 days

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