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Below are 100 things which users of HassleMe have asked to be unpredictably reminded of. Reload the page for another 100. Warning! There may be strong language within hassles, that's just the way people are. Don't read them if that bothers you.

buy a new doll roughly every 90 days water the orchid roughly every 7 days
Balance checking account every day! roughly every 1 day write to my grandmas roughly every 25 days
Write two reviews on Yelp.com roughly every 7 days go on a run clean up my closet eat healthier do the cleanse diet before leaving to palm springs get down to 120 pounds roughly every 3 days
Zavrsi specijalizaciju! roughly every 5 days PAY YOUR BILLS roughly every 7 days
me van a volver loca!!! roughly every 1 day don't forget, you're fat. get up you lazy ass. ohyah. and i wouldn't put it past him that he hates you. so might as well just run and maybe just maybe he'll like you skinny. roughly every 2 days
Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. roughly every 35 days Write some fiction. roughly every 50 days
Text your dad roughly every 4 days LOVE HIM WITH NO REGRETS. MAKE HIM FALL IN LOVE WITH ME. LOVE. LOVE. ALWAYS GIVE LOVE. NEVER GIVE UP! roughly every 1 day
Eat more veggies roughly every 2 days Go to the gym! You'll look better and feel amazing...just go sara!!! roughly every 2 days
hey, do some sports roughly every 4 days Well, hello future Channe! Today is Sept. 4, 2012 and according to these websites (HassleMe.com & StumbleUpon.com) the day you read this SHOULD be Sept. 4, 2022. I have a list of questions that should ponder you... 1. Remember Germantown? That school you hated at first but then you transferred to Madison Central and realized that the people at ghs were SO much better? Aaliyah Hawkins, Hannah Lacey? Now you're sitting here eating apple jacks, there's no gas in the car and you're wondering how & why in the hell you're making an effort to go somewhere you dislike... 2. I'm also listening to my iPod. What ever happened to your old jailbroke iPhone 4? Dig it out an list to the "get busy" playlist like your younger self is doing. Lol. 3. Did you get into a good college? Remember when I wanted to be a pharamist or forensic scientist? Did you do it? Or did you major in business? Are you rich? Did you get married? What happened? I think I plan on sending one of these every day into the future because I'm tired of this. Smooches future me, I hope you made it. - xo, C. ♡ roughly every 3650 days
drink plenty of water during the day!!! eat fruits and vegies!!! eat protein!!! tell your family often that you love them!!! take your daily vitamins, and have Sophia take her daily vitamins too!!! roughly every 1 day Eat more fruits and vegetables and go jogging! roughly every 2 days
clean the litter box roughly every 1 day Get off the couch and stop watching TV!!!!! roughly every 4 days
Workout, EAT HEALTHY! NO BAD CARBS. You can do it, for yourself, and for your future goals. roughly every 1 day Be Aware. roughly every 1 day
remember you are beautiful. roughly every 1 day write the next great American novel roughly every 3 days
Screw off!!!!!!!!!!! roughly every 2 days Play piano. roughly every 1 day
count your blessings roughly every 7 days asfsrgsdsdfc roughly every 1 day
I need to remember not to molest children publicly, and to keep my strange lusts concerning wicked old ladies to myself in the future... Thanks for hassling me, my friends already do! roughly every 1 day Work on Logic roughly every 1 day
Workout! roughly every 2 days Meditate and visualize every single day roughly every 1 day
get physical activity roughly every 7 days Get out more often. Meet new people for christ's sake! roughly every 1 day
Karate roughly every 3 days STOP DRINKING & STUDY! roughly every 5 days
Call Aunt Val roughly every 14 days HAAHAHAHAHAAAAAA JOSE ALVES!!! roughly every 2 days
You know, you signed up for this crazy hassle to be delivered to you 5 years from now... Its kind of like looking into the future, isn't it? Well, anyway, good look in 2013.. I hope things are going well between you and Kyriaelison. You know, she loves you, and you love her too. Please God, don't let it have changes. You two are happy together. If you're not with her anymore, you better still be a virgin, and you better go after her ass. You ain't gonna find another fucking girl as wonderful as she is and you know it. You love her, go after her. Did whatever cockslut you're dating now. You deserve better. roughly every 1825 days Stop eating so fucking much! roughly every 1 day
Get to the gym or do your Fit Club workout at home. No excuses. You're NOT too sore. Go and enjoy the burn and the sweat running down your back! roughly every 1 day Stop being such a stupid republican. roughly every 6 days
water plants roughly every 7 days Allergy Shots roughly every 7 days
work out! roughly every 3 days STAY FOCUSED ON WHAT I WANT. I CAN DO IT. roughly every 7 days
Stick to my diet!!! roughly every 1 day set a goal that's challenging but not unattainable roughly every 30 days
play with the cats roughly every 3 days POLE DANCE!!!! just shut up and do it! abs abs abs! roughly every 3 days
Work out at home in the a.m. roughly every 2 days How is the thesis getting on? Is it in the (semi) final stages of completion? roughly every 2 days
Hey Sexy Adorable Little Janet, get your butt to the gym today or tomorrow! You'll feel better for it and you'll look great......as usual.;-) roughly every 7 days drink WATER! roughly every 3 days
Up water intake roughly every 2 days Anarchy roughly every 6 days
Know that an ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching. roughly every 3 days Be more positive; remember, the only real enemy to you is yourself, so be in the now, look at yourself honesty and remember fear has NO hold over you that you don't let happen! roughly every 5 days
Cierpienie fizyczne i duchowe jest najwspanialszym darem, jaki możesz ofiarować Temu, który cierpiąc -zbawił cię (›w. o. Pio, Epist. III, s. 482). roughly every 365 days Go to the gym so you can look incredibly hot in your new, cute, ruffled bathing suit that you spent a $100 that you don't really have on. roughly every 2 days
play guitar roughly every 14 days get your fat lazy ass moving!!!!!!!!!!!! roughly every 2 days
Don't forget to bring a towel roughly every 30 days www.hassleme.co.uk roughly every 730 days
Go to the gym and work out roughly every 5 days don't judge a book by its movie. my mom called me self-important, i nearly fell out of my throne. friction is a drag. its bad luck to be superstitious. clones are people two. nostalgia isn't what it used to be. Quantum Mechanics: The dreams stuff is made of Support bacteria - they're the only culture some people have roughly every 150 days
Dear me, This is your 21 year old self in August of 2010. I sure hope everything is going well! You should have your bachelors degree now. If not, get your lazy ass off the computer and get to work! I sure hope you and Josh are doing well. I can't imagine not being with him. But if you have been mean to him, just remember right now how much you loved him when you were 21. I think he's about to ask you to marry him. You don't deserve this in the least bit. Never think that you do. Get up right now. Find him where ever he is and let him know how much you care for him and how much he means to your life. Jazz should be 6 now. Wow, crazy. Just remember, she's the reason you have to get up each day. Be a good mom! Remind her how much you care about her everyday! REMEMBER: The purpose of your life is a life of purpose! roughly every 1460 days WORK OUT! YOU NEED TO LOOK GOOD!!! YOU WILL SEE HIM SOON! roughly every 1 day
Hey you, it's you, me, from the past. BOO! You may or may not remember composing this "hassle" or your OCD and anxiety may cause you to excitedly await this reality check. 22 year old you felt like a failure. From the fact you you were too stupid to get braces when you had the chance and now suffer the consequences to the fact you feel you're too stupid to go to school. You lacked confidence and thought just setting foot in a university once more would begin another depressing chapter in your life. You felt hopeless when it came to finding "the one" and doubted you would ever find them. You also didn't see yourself the way others did. You never gave yourself enough credit for your accomplishments or how you calmly appreciated the smaller things in life. Others told you they were really happy to know you. You never seemed to care or show them you liked that they liked you. These should have changed. Did they? You should have had braces by now and now have sexy-ass awesome teeth. But if you don't, remember you have a cute smile anyways apparently. No big deal. Swimming seemed fun and made you feel great. Did you continue? if you did, did you ever get crazy fit like you dreamed of? Are you an olympic swimmer now? I hope not. 22 year old you liked to stay out of the spotlight. Did you ever find the one? 32 years old is old. Like ancient dude. You better have. If you don't find him soon you'll wind up like awkward-acting blonde B movie actresses in chick flicks talking about how they're never going to get married. You never believed in marriage much back then though, do you know? Are you married? Do you have kids? Do you love them as much as 22 year old you hopes you do? Learn a third language. I say this because by now you must have finally remembered how awesome it was to know French and you better have fixed what you lost in your days since high school. It's worth it. I suggest Italian. In the end it doesn't matter. 10 years is an infinitely small fraction of time in the universe. Niagara Falls would have moved maybe a few inches since 22 year old you wrote this. Do you still live there? Do you still think it's boring as fuck? What matters is that 32 year old you better be living where you want to, with who you want to, and should stop worrying about the future. 22 year old you worried too much. remind 42 year old you to enjoy life too. roughly every 3650 days Remember that: There's no greater privilege than going into a fight the underdog; than starting the race at the back of the grid. There's no greater privilege than going into a fight the underdog; than starting the race at the back of the grid. There's no better motivation to master something, than to suck at it; and no better reason to take on a challenge, than abysmal odds. "Glory lies in the attempt to reach one's goal and not in reaching it." - Gandhi roughly every 5 days
go to the gym! roughly every 2 days Tell Someone you love them. roughly every 15 days
Work to finish 3 planned items daily! roughly every 3 days keep dreaming, never give up your dream, your final goals just because of a bad day! roughly every 7 days
Get a haircut, you probably look like a mushroom roughly every 14 days love my baby daniel roughly every 4 days
GO TO THE GYM.. or become a fat girl! roughly every 2 days You need to give your very best! You need to be the best in everything you do! roughly every 1 day
Save the world! Go to school. Stop loafing and drinking and smoking so much pot. roughly every 10 days Modlitwa jest najlepszą bronią, jaką posiadamy. Jest ona kluczem, który otwiera Serce Boga. Powiniene› mówić do Pana Jezusa również sercem, a nie tylko wargami. Co więcej, w pewnych przypadkach powiniene› mówić do Niego tylko sercem (›w. o. Pio, CE, s. 40). roughly every 365 days
loose weight significantly roughly every 4 days clean my room roughly every 10 days
Buy Tamara flowers roughly every 21 days Leave refined sugar the fuck alone.. roughly every 2 days
Gönn dir nen halben Tag Computerspielen :) roughly every 30 days Go to the bloody gym! How many glasses of water did you have?!?! When was the last time you wrote something?! Stop smoking!! roughly every 15 days
check hassleme.co.uk to see if i need another hassle roughly every 15 days RUN roughly every 2 days
Be positive and believe in yourself! Be patient and love your family. And yourself. It will all be ok. roughly every 7 days Write to monica roughly every 5 days
Get your learn on for the MRCP roughly every 2 days write in my journal and go to the gym. roughly every 4 days
GET TO IT! roughly every 1 day DO SOMETHING FOR YOU! You deserve it. roughly every 7 days
stretch roughly every 5 days Call grandma roughly every 7 days
Fa flotari. roughly every 3 days Write yo Granny! roughly every 30 days

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