HassleMe Because sometimes in life,
you just need to be nagged...

Frequently Asked Questions

Something's not working — who do I tell?
Please email team@hassleme.co.uk with a short description of what page you were on; what should have happened; what actually happened; and roughly what time the error occured. Thanks!
What is this site?
HassleMe is a tool which nags you. It nags you via email about things you know you should be doing, but which you'll forget.
How often does it nag?
You set up a rough frequency, but it actually nags you at random times within certain parameters. It keeps you on your toes.
Why do you think it'll work?
mySociety's developer Chris Lightfoot built a little program called Hasslebot, to encourage the developers and volunteers at mySociety to post frequently to their blog, letting people know what mySociety was up to. Despite the fact that it shouldn't work, it did.
How do I cancel a hassle?
Every time we hassle you there will be a link that you can click to cancel it.
If I give you my email address, will you send me spam?
No! We will only ever send you email when someone (hopefully you) uses this website to set up a hassle (i.e. we'll send you a "please confirm this hassle" email), and to carry out the actual hassling (i.e. the regular nagging emails telling you to go the gym, write to your mother, etc.). We won't sell your email address to anyone, and we won't send you spam — ever.
Who are you?
This site was built by Chris Lightfoot and Etienne Pollard in two afternoons before and after Christmas 2005 as a mySociety 'back of the envelope' project. Chris was a full-time employee of mySociety and spent his days running much more serious sites like WriteToThem.com.